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Experimenting with MD6 (Bill Roberts article)

In the hard copy of Testosterone, Roberts says that “Some people, however, might find three capsules-a dose and a half-to be ideal for them”. Has anyone tried this? How about taking 2 capsules 4 times a day? More effective? I know that everyone reacts differently but want to hear what others have discovered.

At those higher doses throughout the day I really began to lose any pre-workout boost from the product (I would have to use powerdrive + 3 caps of ripped before lifting, which I didn’t like to do). I’ve also felt that taking Yohimbe (3 caps of MD6 provide a sufficient daily dose) in higher doses throughout the day seems to detract from muscle pump and fullness. This might have to do with the your blood presure being slightly elevated for the whole day or something, I don’t know. The stuff seems to work great at low doses. Why wire yourself up for nothing?

I used MD6 at 3 caps/ 2X per day. I lost some fat and my skin felt really tight. I slowly worked up to that dosage staring at 1 cap 2 times per day. Whne I first went to 3 caps I felt like I had a lot of nervous energy not particularly wired though.