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Experimenting with Everyday Injections

My E2 is 56pg/ml on 40mg EOD injections, my SHBG is 8 at it’s lowest. I’m interested to see if injecting 20mg every day would lower my E2 enough to make a difference in overall positive effects from TRT.
I don’t like using an AI simply because I’m an over-responder and using it in the past had always crashed my estrogen and I’d have to use superphysiological doses to lower my E2 into the “optimal range”. Also using an AI, in my experience, had given me chest pains and completely annihilated my cholesterol.

Need some anecdotal experience from anyone who had ran ED injections (or is currently running) and share how it’s affected their E2, total testosterone, SHBG, etc. (doesn’t have to be all of them, E2 alone or testosterone alone would work too) vs running the standard twice a week/EOD. Also, your experience doesn’t have to be numbers based; if injecting ED had a positive impact on overall mood/libido/energy vs any other protocol, please share.

Right now I’m doing 8mg subQ ED. It’s working pretty well so far. Previously I tried 30mg EOD, had horrible anxiety, then 20mg EOD which was better but E2 crept up and I experienced waves of depression and anxiety. Then I tried 10mg ED, that worked really well but again, E2 went up and I felt depressed, bloated, retained tons of water, no libido and couldn’t sleep.

I’m around 5 weeks at 8mg ED and I’m doing well. Libido and arousal are good, sleeping through the night, mood is good, outlook is good, energy is steady through the day.

Labs at 10mg ED:

Total Test: 658 Range 229-902
Free T: 21.6 Range 4.4-16.8 HIGH
E2 Sensitive: 45 Range 0-40 HIGH
SHBG: 12.5 Range 14.55-94.64 LOW

Labs at 8mg ED (these were taken a week into a new protocol so they’re probably not accurate):

Total Test: 497 Range 229-902
Free T: 14.2 Range 4.4-16.8
E2 Sensitive: 22 Range 0-40
SHBG: 17.4 Range 14.55-94.64

I’m waiting to see if my E3 creeps up again on 8mg.

Damn, 2mg made a huge difference. What is your body fat %?
Also do you have labs from 20mg EOD?

Body fat = 14% (last time I measured), it might actually be lower now since I’ve been cutting down for over 3 weeks.

Labs from 20mg EOD:

Total Test: 555 Range 229-902
Free T: 16.4 Range 4.4-16.8
E2 Sensitive: 34 Range 0-40
SHBG: 16.5 Range 14.55-94.64

So your estrogen was higher on 20mg EOD dosing but you felt better on 10mg everyday dosing? I’m confused lol

No, my estrogen was higher on 10mg ED, it was 45 when measured. On 20mg EOD it was 34. However, I think it got higher than that on 20mg based on the symptoms I was having.

I felt ok on 20mg EOD, never great. On 10mg ED I felt great but it only lasted 5 weeks until my E2 crept up.

Woops meant to say that the other way around. I guess that makes sense

Remember though, that’s 14mg difference a week. So it adds up.

I’m playing around with ED injections. usually 10mg a day… sometimes a bit more, like 14mg. I need to run bloods at some point.

You could try 8mg one day, then 9 or 10mg the next day… then back to 8mg. Like alternate days to add some variability. I think the body likes that.

I think once I reach stability I might be willing to mess around with staggering doses like that. I know physioloJik has mentioned doing that because it mimics natural production better than the same dose constantly.