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Experimentation on Prisoners


Not many miss a chance to proclaim how they'd like to torture murderers and rapists. So why not use them in the place of innocent animals, some of which aren't close enough to humans in the right ways to be good biological models?

I'm not talking about merely convicted criminals, I'm talking about repeated, 1st degree offenders of violent crimes against weak humans, with DNA evidence involved in more than one case (okay, so this is hypothetical because that doesn't happen much...you get my drift. We know for sure they are the offender of hideous, repeated crime).



Why not just experiment on members of the armed forces....oh wait, they already do that.

If this hypothetical experimentation to be done on humans is not completely voluntary then it should be considered immoral in all circumstances.


Making them just as bad, if not worse, than those murderers and rapists.


involuntary experimentation is unethical - its pretty cut and dry

now if a death row guy wants to volunteer for experimentation that could be lethal or ethically questionable, in an effort to make amends to society and their maker. I would be open to listening the arguments. But i am still against it. We have been down this road before, and it did not end well.


I am in complete agreement with experimentation (voluntary or otherwise) on convicted, violent offenders.

Its quite disgusting and barbaric that we do so on animals.



What could possibly go wrong?


Interesting. I put this up in here because I feel that I can't have an opinion on the matter as I view humans as animals, and by that virtue don't believe that it's right to experiment on either, but at the same time am not willing to give up the things that make my life better that are the result of experimentation on either humans or animals against their will.

Therefore, I don't get to have a say about this since my say doesn't effect how I act.

Carry on.


The Eighth Amendment prohibits "cruel and unusual punishment," which this in many cases would be.

We all fantasize about seeing murdering assholes tormented and humiliated. But, we should all want to live in a country that resists that temptation.


No, bad Oleena. Those who engage in brutality should be executed by the judge who sentences him. Otherwise, as soon as we start experimenting we start lying (standard experimental procedure). prisoner is not an equal, such treatment breaches the bounds of humanity.


You misunderstand. I'm not arguing for this. It just crossed my mind "Why are people okay with personally torturing a rapist or murderer but not with running experiments on them?". What do you think?


Because the former appeals to their sense of justice, and the latter is just ethics.

(thats sarcasm And irony in case anybody is feeling touchy today)



Torture, poke, prod, fuck them. ALL OF THEM.

I have been behind the wall of an FCI Medium-High for 10 months of a 2.5 yr sentence for an extasy charge. Set murderers, rapists, and child molesters on fire, drown them, fuck them 5 ways to Friday.

Just so you guys have an idea of what happens behind the wire, you see shit like fights and stabbing over stupid shit like not paying back a stamp, or taking an extra glass of orange juice at breakfast. I saw a guy have scalding hot baby oil thrown on a guy in his sleep, for talking shit about him. Straight up rattlesnake mentality, even worse than that.


No, the dignity of a human is the first order. To perform possibly harmful experiments on a human is unethical and takes away a person's dignity and right to life.




Reason number one we should reform the prison system.


The very idea of torture is reprehensible. It is shameful than anyone would even entertain such an idea. Also remember that governments over time never stop at "merely" mistreating their prisoners if they are sanctioned to do so.


How dare you?

Governments never exceed pre-established limits, and if they do, we have democratic election to hold them accountable!



There is nothing about the system that is rehabilitative. It will always be up to the individual whether or not someone rehabs themselves. Think about it, you bunch of savages together in a cage, starve them, provoke them, keep them in that environment for years, then release them, and then expect them to behave normally?

When there is a fight, the guards do nothing. They wait until someone is dead or beaten to a bloody pulp. Then any remaining person or party of people is sent to the SHU and an investigation begins. But of course, no one talks, because then you are a snitch and have truly sealed your fate.

You should see what the weight pile on a prison yard feels like, the tension. It's crazy. I once spoke about this with Thibs, I tossed out the idea that one of the reasons why guys get so jacked while inside is not from the food or the workouts. My theory was the increased testosterone from the threat of violence. You can literally feel it, you never walk the yard alone, especially if you go to a place that is considered gladiator school. I can only imagine what guys coming back from combat in the Middle East must feel like, getting shot at, and being locked up is by no means a decent comparison. But the threat of violence is fucking insane.



You have guys in there who are laughing at the weakness of our system and laws. Guys talking about only getting a nickel for a charge worthy of at least a dime. I am not talking about the low level drug offender (like myself), I am talking about the dirtbag sumbitches who plot their crime. Who have no regard for what they did or who they hurt. Fuck them.


So this is where you went wrong.

You did not plot your crimes.