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its been a while since I last posted on here, I was just reading articles about "upper chest training" and alot of it to me seems to be phewy. first of as most people on here know is that there is no upper chest, or lower chest, just one slab of muscle composed of the clavical head and the sternal head with the pec minor underneath. what ive found to help with my chest development isn't all sorts of fancy exercises like incline cable pullys to "isolate the muscle" but just a tweak of flat bench press; instead of bringing the bar straight up and down with the elbows flared is to tuck the elbows by about 45 degrees and lower the bar to the sternal head, and bring the bar back up in an arc. this hits both the sternal head obviously but also the clavical head because of the way the humerus moves up and toward the midline of the body hitting my upper chest hard!!


good for you


Hate to say it this way, but I can't think of a nice way of breaking this to you:

Judging by your avatar pic, I wouldn't listen to a word you say about chest training. Judging by the fact that you've been training for three years, but still weigh only 170 with what look to be 15" arms (i mean, that's some nice lighting, but you're not fooling anyone), I wouldn't listen to you about training at all.

So my point is: Before you go talking about how easy this is, and how you've gotten such great "results" from some little minor tweak, how about getting some "results" first.