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Experiment with HCG Dose to See the Effect on E Isues?

I have gone to daily HCG but am considering stopping altogether for a couple weeks to see if issue with water retention go away. I still feel like a have a lot of jelly around my chest. I dropped down to 100mg of T a week and 1 dose of AI (soon to be none) but I have a nagging feeling HCG is throwing a wrench in things.

I guess I am interested also in knowing how many guys dumped HCG and their AI for that matter and feel better that way.

What do you mean jelly

No hard lumps, softer fatty tissue. My concern is I’m okay with the test but the hcg is causing problems. I have fairly large pecs but also a lot of extra crap. Just curious if anyone tried dropping their HCG and noticed a the difference immediately.