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Experiment - Test Prop Cycles for Reversing PFS?

Hello all - this will be very unconventional and a true experiment.

First off, I was unlucky enough to develop Post Finasteride Syndrome after a month on it. A year later it’s unresolved. I am slightly better than I was, but in my previous life I was a 200lb lean bodybuilder (nothing to really brag about ofc) and, well, quite insatiable sexually! I have now dropped to 170lbs and declining fast, no libido and near zero sexual function (no morning wood, randoms etc. No sex without viagra.)

It has been pondered, and there have been a number of recoveries randomly reported, after a cycle of steroids, and prevailing wisdom (as in, the most sufferers have to go on) was that Test Prop cycles MAY have improved a few, although exact cycles and dosages are scarce.

What I could really do with help in trying is a few short Test Prop cycles, maybe 6 weeks tops, then PCT and 10 weeks off, then repeat.

The thinking behind this is that steroid levels in blood do not represent accurately neurosteroid levels in PFS sufferers, who may well be in Estrogen dominance they can’t get out of. Over time and cycles, the stimulation of DHT through increased Test (created by 5AR ofc) will push Estrogen dominance lower and lower, 5AR will increase DHT. Again this is a thought, not really a cast-iron assertion; nobody has a cure for PFS at all but recoveries (some seemingly VERY random) do happen, and of late several have been reported from running just a cycle of steroids. Annoyingly light on details though some of them are!

Based on a VERY lengthy, evolving topic (HERE if anyone fancies reading) I want to try an experiment based on several smaller Test Prop cycles, to try and either eventually upregulate my own 5AR or challenge the HPTA axis enough times that it re-adjusts. Again, not sure which method will help, as nobody really understands PFS.

Questions I have at this point (probably more to follow) are:

  • If I ran a cycle of low-dose prop, say 20mg EOD for 6 weeks, would I need HCG? How low dose/short a cycle could I go without needing it?

  • AI throughout will be Arimidex. Apparently other AIs are not great in PFS, though Letro has been used.

  • I’d prefer Clomid for PCT (there are stories that has recovered some alone) - could someone help me construct a PCT?

Thanks all. I appreciate this will be INCREDIBLY alien to most objectives here. I’ve taken prohormones in that former life before, but this is truly an experimental cycle. I do still lift and eat paleo/carb backloading but the goal here isn’t really build muscle, it’s more shift PFS some.

It would mean a HUGE amount to me to receive any help, and if we get anywhere would help a lot of men suffering a very great deal.

Thank you all so much in advance for any time and patience you can spare on this.

  1. You would not need hcg for such a short, low dose cycle.
  2. For 20mg/d you absolutely should not need an AI. You run more risk crashing your e2 than you do of getting high e2 at that dose and duration. Seems like a risk not worth taking.
  3. Clomid would be best used 50/50/25/25, assuming you are sold on using it. Nolva is better overall, but if Clomid has a good track record for PFS sufferers then perhaps you should stick to that.

Rather than just low test prop, what about adding masteron into the mix? If DHT is an issue and you want to specifically increase it over time, why not go with something that is derived from it? Because it’s going to take a long time with this plan the way it is. You’re talking about six weeks on what is essentially TRT levels, then pct, then another six weeks off, then on again, rinse, repeat.

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Exactly what I was thinking about Mast. Even a low dose addition would likely be beneficial to libido.

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Thank you both so much for wading in.

To try and answer as best as I can, masteron has been used in PFS and yes people report feeling cured/like gods on it, but crash back afterwards, sometimes worse off than they were. The thinking behind it is that you down-regulate your own 5AR doing so, and once you’re off your neurosteroid levels of estrogen rebound worse, testosterone then aromatising more and nothing by way of your own DHT to oppose it. AI will probably be necessary as PFS sufferers (and some in latter stages of healing) respond very strangely to steroids and need LOTS of AI. Over time, it’s reported that on the lower cycles PFS sufferers need less and less AI, but without symptoms seem to be exasperated by exogenous test. Many (myself included) seem to feel some improvement from AIs alone, and these tend to be those who still have average levels of natural test, estrogen etc in blood, which was where the idea of unbalanced neurosteroids originally came from.

I was pondering adding in sorghum for the duration to try and up-regulate my own 5AR, as well as plenty of cardio too. I do appreciate this is very much not what any bodybuilder would do!

Again, thank you both.

When would you start the PCT after the cycle? Wait a week or jump on it asap?

If it’s test prop then you can start pct 3-5 days after. It clears very quickly, so no need to wait.

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Thanks so much all. I’m keen to test this out and see if I can ‘nudge’ my own 5AR into working as it does seem like that’s depleted in neurosteroids alone.

I anticipate feeling like crap (as most attempts to boost androgens in myself do, which I think is aromatisation tbh rather than androgens themselves) and that I’ll be able to modulate this with lots of AI (arimidex.) After the 6 weeks are up, PCT and then await any snapbacks/correction following. The second cycle will be the acid test, and see if I need less AI. If so, this will be the direction.

It’s been said by a few PFS sufferers that if 100 bodybuilders got PFS there’d be a solution in weeks, but as all we’ve got are clueless endos and doctors nothing much has come along. I’m very grateful for any and all advice, thank you all and wish me luck.

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Just out of curiosity (definitely only speculation) what’s the MAXIMUM dose of prop you’d run ED/EOD without feeling the need for HCG?

I am going to feel my way around with this cycle. If it doesn’t work I’ll try higher doses of prop, heftier PCTs in future. But further future, for now just an experiment.

Thanks again for the advice.

If it’s still a short cycle then I would speculate you don’t need hcg, irrespective of dose. It’s when you start running longer cycles that I think hcg becomes less of an option and more of a requirement.

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Thanks much. I’ll have some on hand however just in case, and if I feel the need to run a more hefty PCT.