Experiencing Signs of Low T, Labs Good..(?)

28 male

Just got my blood works and they seem to be within range, but reading around on different forums they might be in the lower end concering T? Is it “enough” to cause symptoms of low T?

(lab reference values in quotes)

Testosterone 519 ng/dL
SHBG 27 nmol/L
B–Leukocyter 6,2 x10(9)/L (3.5-8.8)
B–Erytrocyter 5,4 x10(12)/L (4.2-5.7)
B–Hemoglobin 152 g/L (134-170)
B–EVF 0,48 (0.39-0.50)
B–MCV 88 fL (82-98)
Erc(B)–MCH 28 pg (27-33)
Erc(B)–MCHC 320 g/L (317-357)
B–Trombocyter 249 x10(9)/L (145-348)

I’ve had symptoms for years, tried all types of medications (SSRI,SRNI,TCA,MAOI) the list goes on… Nothing helps. Just recently I spoke with someone who has had the same experience with psychopharmaceuticals and he recommended checking out my T levels.
I work out 3-4 times a week, for the last 8 years. Right now I’m doing mostly cardio to get back into shape after covid.
I’m 185 cm 94kg, right now on the heavier side, but even at my lowest bodyfat i had to struggle to shed the fat on my lower back. I heard this could be due to high estrogen levels.
I don’t drink or smoke, no junk foods or pops. Still progress has been really slow


You need more complete labs but based on these two numbers you pretty much DO NOT have low T. You have very normal T levels.


You don’t need T.


No way to tell without labs showing this. Your TT is fine but provides an incomplete picture. As it’s been said, more complete labs are needed.

The Total T is bound to SHBG while the free portion (Free T) is active and interacts with various tissues.

It’s a bit premature to make any judgements of labs presented, without knowing the Free T value.

Nobody with absolute certainty can tell you a particular Free T value is normal for you. I would also check your estrogen levels. As for the Free T labs, the Equilibrium Dialysis or Ultrafiltration method should be used as the Direct Immunoassay can be unreliable.

What symptoms of low-T are you experiencing?

Total T = SHBG-bound T + albumin-bound T + free T

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Agreed, but as I stated above knowing both SHBG being mid range and mid range TT you would be pretty hard pressed not to say it FT will be the same.

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Very very easy to bracket and estimate fT using cfT-V and cfT-z.

OP’s fT should be withing 20% of the former number above. Hence, I’d estimate 10-14 ng/dL which you could confirm with LC/MS-MS ED test.

But of course this is brave new world where eugonadal men do TRT. I recommend not.

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Prolactin levels?

@tareload I prefer the Vermulean calculation (we do chat in excelmale, I go as bixt).

The calculated Free T using the Vermulean formula is 12.7ng/dl, and probably more reflective of the actual value. Unless an Equilibrium Dialysis or ultrafiltration FT test is done, I feel we can somewhat reliably assume FT is around 12.7ng/dl.


This is low midrange, and for some people, low enough for low T symptoms to manifest.

Symptom resolution can happen at around 25ng/dl, which is top of the free T range, and double the your levels.

TRT could well be warranted.


I’m just saying, I had symptoms with FT midrange while on TRT.

Thank you very much for the response, i will get more tests done

Thank you all for the response, i’m gonna get further tests done. Estrogen is a great idea, I’m gonna check it out.
The low T symptoms have been with me for years, and it feels as it is getting worse.
Mainly a lot of mind fog and anxiety. Sex drive is low. It has really hampered my life in many areas, i’m generally tired and slow to reach conclusions. Taking low-skill jobs even though I have education. If I could go back to my trade I would earn twice the pay, but it seems impossible at this point since im not functioning cognitively

Thank you very much for this information! I agree, I do not want TRT if it isn’t really needed, I’m gonna get more tests so I can rule out the possibility of low T.
Interestingly enough I am a vegetarian, a lazy vegetarian at that, so i’d rather give the diet an overhaul before putting needles in me. If the readings are okay at this stage, presumably some diet changes might be enough to rule out low T.

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