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Experiencing ED after HRT

Whats up fellas, 26 Y/O male doing some reading in the forums and there seems to be some really helpful info on here. Ill try to keep this short but provide enough accurate info for some help.

Don’t think I ever had high testosterone and after a year on and off many anti depressants and mood stabilizers I got myself stable and happy with no meds but was still feeling tired all the time and no sex drive so I got a blood test and my initial results were:

test: 122
SHBG: 6.6
Free test: 4
Bio Test: 99
Estradiol: 12
Estrone: 17

(only posting important stuff or things that were HIGH or LOW, got a full workup though)

Decided to start HCG 500iu Troches 2 under the tongue 3 times a week because I was worried about being stuck on test for my whole life and I was just worried about totally killing my natural sex drive.

After 3 months on HCG my results were:

IGF-1 194
FSH 3.03/ LH 4.31
Estradiol 16
Estrone 38
Testosterone 274 with bioavailable 143
PSA 0.5
Ferritin 73 (previous 171)

Decided to start test after trying a week of clomid first to see if that did anything (which it raised my test to 534) but I felt all depressed and really bad so I decided to not mess with clomid and go the test route.

It’s been about 3 and half months on test cyp .08ml per week, 500iu HCG twice per week, and anastrozole .5 once per week and my last full workup was about a month ago and so far I’ve felt fine no big changes besides sex drive increasing still tired and having trouble losing weight.

Last Blood workup 3/14:
estrone: 23
FSH: below .2
LH: below .2
Progesterone: .73
Estradiol: 28
SHBG: 16.8
Test: 584
Free Test: 16
Bio Test: 409

Right after this they increased my test dose to .9 per week and the next week april 1-6th I felt off just gloomy and anxious and really bad drug cravings, (I’m a recovering drug addict), lower sex drive, and I went to go sleep with a girl that weekend and I just couldn’t get hard at all like nothing and I didnt panic, figured it might be high estrogen and previously I had taken anastrozole .5 mg 2x per week for a few weeks and I had the same type of feelings like gloomy, bad drug cravings and I assumed it was just lowering my already low estrogen so I stopped it for a month. Anyway its been 2 and a half weeks since that episode and so far I have taken anastrozole .5mg 3 times, the 10th, the 14th and the 21st and my sex drive has barely come back at all and I’m just not feeling like I’m even on test, I’m feeling less interested in sex and less powerful than I was before all of this stuff.

I decided to get a quick blood test right after my test shot on saturday the 20th and just test my estrogen and test and it came back:
test: 1054
estrogen: 19

Im not sure if that test is so high because it was directly after my shot or what but my levels are looking fine, why am I still not able to fuck or even interested in girls!? Also, the reason that I’m headed here is because I go to like a new age health clinic and every time I go in they try to sell me everything that they have by basically making me feel like Im doomed if I don’t get it and I can’t ever tell if their information is credible and now Im panicking thinking Ill be stuck this way. Also, i tried to make this short but I fucked it sorry boys.

So, 2 questions are, why don’t I feel like Im on test if my test is supposedly high and estrogen normal, why am I having ED, am I doomed??

Second, is there a reason why whenever I hopped on clomid for a week, and when I started taking anastrozole that I would get depressed and anxious and have really bad cravings for drugs? Could making estrogen too low affect dopamine levels?

open for any advice from anyone. just looking for some second opinions before I end up going back to the scam doctors.

Okay. 0.8 mL of what? That’s a volume, not a dose. Is it a 200 mg per 1 mL amp? 200 per 2mL? 250 mg? Second, you E2 is too low. Anastrozole doesn’t dent it as much when it comes from Clomid, so your E2 was higher on Clomid most likely. Drop the AI and lower your dose a little bit, you need higher E2.

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I stop the AI first . Sounds like you don’t need it. It will take 2-3 months for it to level out and body get used to it but it doesn’t mean you’ll feel horrible. Just stuff like nipple sensitivity and etc takes a while to go away.

To manage e2 you split the dose into two a week.

You need free t. Total doesn’t mean much. It could be 30s if we take into consideration your previous labs. But not sure if company is same or anything changed in shbg and etc.

You are chasing your tail with this estrogen shit. Estrogen actually helps joints, brain; sex organs and libido and more.

If your estrogen bothers you then you drop your T dose or try eod or daily injections .

You should check thyroid as well. Not enough men pay attention to it. Just saw three guys today on Facebook say they have been on yet for years and never felt great . Docs said thyroids fine but when we look at it form a TRT perspective it’s jacked up … you have two hormones that make you feel good trt and thyroid. Check both.

You are probably Having drug cravings because anytime your body or health isn’t great / feeling down the body is used to getting a nice kick of dopamine and etc.

I am also an addict and totally get it. It’ll come back when you feel great. The more you think about it the harder it will be. It jsut how we are wired. Long term sobriety gets you further away. When I was over 3 years sober I rarely had cravings. Rarely. Until then it was horrid… worse if I showed up at a bar or around guys smoking ganja or popping pills.

You should probably find a trt doc. Stop wasting your time with sick care professionals. Unless you want to rely upon bro science for the length of this trial.

200mg per 1mL amp sorry my fault. so I have been on 160mg of test for 2 and half months and then for the last 3 and a half weeks I have been on 180mg. I only started lowering my e2 with anastrozole after that incident with the ED, the week before that incident it was at 28 so I was thinking it spiked because of the HCG? So I stopped HCG and reintroduced an AI. Ive felt fine with lower E2 levels, I’m just not sure why all of a sudden I would have this issue with ED and feeling like I don’t even have a fucking dick after increasing my test a little bit and now I can’t seem to get it back to feeling right after

yea Id just prefer not messing with estrogen for whatever reason I just don’t feel right when I was on the clomid for a week and then again when i started to take the anastrozole at a heavier dose when I started (.5 mg 3x a week.) If I drop the AI, when will my sex drive come back?

Im just not sure why that happened in the first place, like as soon as I upped my test dosage I all of a sudden had like no sex drive at all or erection strength. I was thinking maybe it was because my LH and FSH were shot or idk I really don’t know. Also, I did get my thyroid tested last month and doc said this… Patient has poor FT3:RT3 ratio- Should be greater than 20- can be related to adrenals, low iodine, selenium, zinc, iron, and/ OR toxins in the body. Ferritin is low.

I hear you but bro science can shed some light until I find the right doctor. Just need some light for now so my mind doesn’t take me down thinking my dicks done for.

How are your B-12 and Folate? Thyroid issues will bodge things up a little. Have you tried anything for catecholamines or serotonin? If it was better at the lower dose, maybe you need even lower than the starting dose. Numbers can mislead sometimes, and some guys are happier at a little bit lower test level.

b12 and folate are fine. Tried various SSRI’s, SRNIs, 5-HTP but didnt like how I felt on any of em so I kept going on and off em and thats what Im pretty sure threw things out of whack in the first place because I never had a low sex drive before my whole trial of all these psychotropic drugs. Yea maybe I try going back to the .8 160mg test shot and see if my dick comes back. Maybe my bodies just having a tough time handling the upped dose. I have a very sensitive system from previous experience that’s why I couldn’t handle even lower doses of SSRI’s and shit.

You might even be happier with a little less than 0.8. Have you used mucuna pruriens (L-dopa) or Boron? Maybe magnesium or zinc are off. The problem is that these are all tough to get an accurate measurement on because serum levels don’t really tell you much about what is actually stored or not stored in your body.

yea Idk I was definitely better with .8 before. I haven’t Im open to those I just am careful to do anything thats not actually an issue cause like I said I seem to have extreme reactions to some medications and or vitamins like if they say may cause drowsiness I’m the guy to be fucking zonked for a day. So idk, i know my iron was super low, I’m not sure about magnesium and zinc. Im just searching for some sexual interest back so I can relax and know my dick isn’t broken. I think I’m going to end up at an endocrinologist cause I just can’t trust the advice of this clinic I’m going to.