Experiencing Burnout

I have been lifting for 7 years now and recently have been less motivated to work out. I think it is a combination of things:
I work at a gym full-time, am not really happy being there and then find it hard to train after my shift is over.
Have had a tough year financially with my significant other losing her job and me not making a whole lot of money at the gym.
Because of the money situation, recently had to move, which is stressfull.

To those that have experienced burnout, how or what did you do to overcome it?
Thanks for the help.

get your life straight first.

Do you WANT to work out? Sadly, no one can motivate you as much as yourself. Just remind yourself that you won’t look as good if you stop working out. You can also try taking a week off (wonderful feeling when you get back).

I’ve been training off and on for 25 years, and I think you should assume your traing will have peaks and valleys, especially when life is throwing you curveballs.

I would recommend a couple things you might consider:
-going into a temporary “maintenance” phase, kind of an “active rest”

-switch your workout around completely, to try to make it more fun for you

-keep a tight lid on your training time… no grueling marathon sessions right now

-do NOT stop training completely. Get into the gym and do SOMETHING, even if you keep your expectations for progress low. Training is good for battling depression (as long as overtraining is not causing depression in the first place). Continue to move and sweat.


Suck it up?

Bro, you have plenty of things going on in your life to be experiencing burnout in the gym, I did some personal training for a while and basically learned to dislike the gym dsue to the unbelievable amount of time I was spending there. I do think that lifting weights and training is by far the best stress releiver, so if you can keep it up then try your hardets to do so, but also it is very important to have a balance in your life, so with that being said I would still focus on the most important things in your life. Good luck bro, and believe me times will look up.

Thanks to all for the encouragement and words of advice. I am going to spend the weekend evaluating my training and nutrition and then starting Monday will begin re-dedicating myself to working out, as it is the number one stress reliever.

Right on bro, good plan. Man I was experiencing some burnout a while back, and I did a little rededicating myself. I also got a much needed workout partner, and things have been awesome. I think sometimes a break is much needed, but I know how hard it is to do sometimes, good luck with achieving what you desire bro.

Though your personal issues sound more serious, it reminds me of an article Shugart wrote a while ago about being in a bad environment. Probably worth a read.

“The Other Environmental Pollutants”