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Experiences with Wrestling Shoes?


My adidas tyrint something wrestling shoes gave out in less than 3/4 of a year. They were $30 including shipping which is good, but did not last long enough at all. I'm looking for another pair in my size (13) and can't find anything cheap besides the adidas, and nikes which look even more cheaply made.

What are you experiences with wrestling shoes? Before I saw some Asics go for 30-40 but now I can't find any online in my size. Maybe near the start of wrestling season the supply will be greater.


Check out Wrestling One catalog.


I have used plenty of shoes
is your foot wide or narrow?

the best pair I had were a very early Dan Gable pair, blue suede- lasted for 3 years.
I have had shoes frome nike, several from adidas, a few I got overseas, but I prefer the asics lines
I had a very basic pair, non split sole lasted for 5 years, but I liked the Gables better.

If you want inexpensive but like the asics split sole try the split second its budget but decent.



My friends and I used wrestling shoes for our martial arts training classes. I personally used the Nike brand, and still have them. I used them for over 3 years. Found them at a local shoe shop.