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Experiences with West Cary Barbell


Anyone purchase anything from West Cary Barbell (www.westcarybarbell.com)? Looking to make a few purchases and was wondering how others experiences were with them.



It's great stuff, I don't think you can go wrong with any of their equipment.

I own a few pieces from them, Neutral grip bench (swiss) bar, collars. I love em both, The swiss bar is as sturdy as they come with good spacing and I'll never go back to spring collars.
My school bought a few things from West Cary actually, so I have also used the chambered bar and grappler, both are solid.

The owner is a good guy, powerlifter as well. I'll be doing business with them again I'm sure.


I discovered Tom (owner of West Cary Barbell) on craigslist of all places. I have been training with him for almost 2 years now and using, abusing, and torturing his equipment. So far it has withstood my onslaught so I can confidently state that his equipment is top-notch.



I have purchased several items from West Cary Barbell and the quality is excellent. I have a Cambered Squat Bar, Grappler, Collars, Band Spacers, and a Deadlift Jack. Tom Simon has great customer service. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.


Thanks for all the replies. Appreciate the feedback. Will be moving forward with my purchases. Thanks again.


I also have purchased equipment from West Cary Barbell and am very pleased !

Tom actually came to my house to do some welding for me on an old Reverse Hyper and on a separate bigger project, repairing my floor system with beams and concrete (for my home gym).

I have purchased the best boards (for benching) from him and a nice deadlift jack and collars! All were of the highest quality at a low price.