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Experiences with UK Clinics?

Anyone got any experiences of Optimale and the mens health clinic?

Optimale seem very responsive but I’m told they give a really low starter dose.

I used optimale, nothing wrong with the starting dose. I had to lower the dose after the first blood test.

Their doctors have been very good when needing to discuss anything with them

Would you recommend them? What was your starting dose? Did you get HCG too?

Yes re recommendation for OM though I confess I’ve not used anyone else. It was between OM and BMH and OM were just more helpful at the outset / more engaging with the same blood tests I presented to their respective admin teams. Beyond that I can’t comment by way of comparison.

OM starting dose was 125mg every 5 days on the Test E protocol. I had hCG too and that was set at 250iu E3D. Perfectly reasonable starts for both though I’ve modified each over time to better suit myself.