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Experiences with Tribulus?

I would still like to get some feedback from others that may have tried Tribulus. I gave TRIBEX Gold a try, and saw no actual increase in testosterone (T was measured before and after via blood test).

My libido did increase, as well as testicle size, so not sure what went on in my body. Just want to know who has had measurable results with a Tribulus product as far as testosterone.

There is a Bulgarian study stating tribulus is effective (at increasing sperm count and mobility), but there are no actual testosterone measurements taken. I am sure the correlation of the increase to what is necessary points to an increase in T, but I question the study, as it appears to have been conducted alongside the makers of Tribestan, and doesnâ??t appear to have ever been published in a journal.

As for studies that provide evidence that tribulus doesnâ??t work as far as increasing testosterone, there are a few in respected journals…

Short term impact of Tribulus terrestris intake on doping control analysis of endogenous steroids â?? This is supportive, but a short term study, which to me pretty much makes it worthless. I think the study was only 48 hours or something like that.

The aphrodisiac herb Tribulus terrestris does not influence the androgen production in young men â?? Pretty good study from what I can tell

The Effects of Tribulus Terrestris on Body Composition and Exercise Performance in Resistance-Trained Males â?? Also a good article

Each of these three are from respected sources. So, has anyone had results with like products? I know it seems like everything else Biotest makes works (and TRIBEX does increase libido).

I don’t know, or really care, about all the research, but I have seen consistent increases of approx 200 points each time I’ve had blood tests done prior to and after 2 weeks of TRIBEX use.

This was was the blue TRIBEX that also contains Eurycoma and other extracts. I’ve also had similar results with Alpha Male. I haven’t used the gold TRIBEX.

I guess as long as it works, dont worry about it. I sometimes just think about things too much. There is a good possibility it is a placebo effect in many cases that it works. It could also be just working, I dont know. If it were placebo effect and you found that out, it would likely no longer work, so you would never want to do that. But from the other side of the spectrum, if it doesnt work for the majority of the people using it, it would be nice to know what is causing it - chemical or mental. It would be nice to not spend $40 on a supplement that has a 30% success rate, but it may be worth it to try if it has a 75% success rate (again, I dont know the success rate)

. I know what you mean about research though. There are many studies out there that were performed on lab rats. I chose not to use those as, uh, I dont think I am a lab rat.

Hopefully more people will respond to this with their experiences. I know a guy I work with had symptoms such as acne when using TRIBEX, which likely means his T increased, or he is slightly allergic to the suff :wink: