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Experiences with Topical T-Gels?

Hey guys,

shortly my story:

I’m 31 years old, from Germany, low T-levels (200-300 ng/dl) from 2018 on, tried different things so far to enhance my T-levels (T-boosters, supplements…).
I was on a self-administered TRT with T-propionate from the black market for 3 months last year (~ 150mg a week), which in fact helped me (more energy, less tired and so on).
Because I was considering this as an experiment and was not ready to jump on T-injections for the rest of my life, I did a PCT with clomid.

Now my T-levels are back to the shitty baseline (200-300ng/dl again).

My doc recently recommended TRT.

I think that maybe a TRT with a topical testosterone cream/gel will help me (Androgel).

I’m looking for people’s experiences with this.

–> Will it cause a shutdown too, like injections?
–> Can it be used as a “supplement”, in a sense it enhances natural T-production when taken as a low dose, but does not stop one’s own production completely?

Any experience welcome.

Thank you guys.


Exogynous T stops natural production. It’s Testosteron REPLACEMENT Therapy. You have to get enough to replace your production plus enough to get your levels up to where they should be.

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