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Experiences With The Paranormal?


Thought this would make for an interesting thread, I don't have any good stories myself, but I'm sure you guys will.




Watch out, Count Cockula is probably gonna drop by and drain your life forces with his mind vampire powers, or whatever the fuck it is talks abouy.


Other than my friend fooling everyone we knew (including me) for 2 years that he had a ghost in his house, I got nothing either.

I don't believe in ghosts and such.


Tribunaldude should have some good info/stories if he makes an appearance in this thread.



Just a couple random ones. Saw a Sylph or cloud elemental one day. Pretty sure it was real too. Night, full moon, one cloud in the sky, it's low and moving into the wind. And I could tell there wasn't another air current up where the cloud was, it had a rounded front, and a some tail wisps behind it.

If the wind was blowing IT, it would have been the opposit, the tail would be leading and the rounded part would be into the wind. Anyways, it floated into the wind till it got over the middle of the field behind my old house and it separated and went in 3 different directions and each peice faded into nothing. If it was a natural occurance it was certainly the most unique thing I have ever seen with my own eyes.

Secondly, I can spin a PSI wheel. Youtube it I don't feel like explaining it, and yes I beleive it is real, anyone can claim other people are doing it as a hoax, but when you try it yourself and it works, there is something to it.

I have tried astral projection probably 100 times over the past 6-8 years, never could get it to work, but I have had some amazing lucid dreams. I guess thats like one step away from astral projection, and it is really lots of fun. I would really like to astral project though, I guess some people can't do it until they are ready, so I just keep waiting and trying again, one of these days i'm sure it will happen.



When I was 8 years old we lived in a house that was pretty old. It was built in the late 1950's and was pretty small. There was one spot in the hallway that led to my room that always made me feel the same as when someone turns on one of those big tv's from back then...an electrical feeling, only in that one spot. My room was to the right of that spot.

One morning I woke up and there was this older guy I didn't know standing there in a green sweater over me. He didn't say anything or do anything and it was too dark to make out his face or any facial expressions. I started screaming and my dad ran into the room and turned the light on. He was gone by then.

I don't really believe in the literal concept of "ghosts" but I do believe that energy can be left behind to some degree and that our own emotions and actions can be influenced by things we don't understand yet. The entire idea of pheromones used to be science fiction before it was proven that something unseen can have an effect on behavior. I was also likely half dreaming that night and simply connected that feeling in the hallway with whatever image I conjured up in half-sleep.

...but there was that spot in the hallway that just didn't feel right.

I am the type of person who would like to explore ideas like this. I grew up reading everything about supernatural happenings from ESP to dopplegangers to the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Because of that, I think that anyone who simply writes all of this off as impossible is extremely closed minded and not someone I would get along with.

Strange things happen...and I doubt we are anywhere near advanced enough just yet to explain it all away.


That is the way I look at it. To me there are no set answers and many mysteries regarding our experience on this earth. When a kid I was always pretty spooky about ghosts and such. As an adult and since never having had a ghostly experience I'm not worried or scared of ghosts, but I keep an open mind that there could be such things or left over energy or what have you. One thing that has piqued my curiosity as of late is the UFO phenomenon specifically the cattle mutilations in the SouthWest.

We've had quite a few in the Southern Colorado New Mexico region and to me there isn't a plausible explanation as far as what is doing this. I predator hunt out in the prairie and canyon country of Southern Colo. which often finds me out in the middle of no where late at night and alone and smack dab in the middle of where many of these have occurred. I did once see some strange lights on the ground about a mile off which I know didn't belong there.

I've been back thru there plenty of times and never saw em again. Another time saw a star out there late one night that appeared to get closer and bigger. Don't know if there's an reasonable explanation for that such as a satellite or something like that, but it was creepy.



I used to listen to Art Bell and they had a night during the week devoted to this subject.Some of the stories were entertaining and very spooky. I think it's called coast to coast with George Noory now.

One of my favorite stories is called Mel's Hole.(I know I'm setting myself up with that one) Some farmer has this botomless hole on his property and he's dropped a shitload of heavy fishing line with a weight attached and he's never hit bottom.Hoax? maybe but it dosen't stop people from trying to find it every year. Just google it. I haven't figured how to attach a link yet.


Maybe it's a singularity. I spent much of 7th grade researching those and finding out about event horizons.


I once did a remote viewing experiment.

What I "saw" was a pretty accurate hit.

As the term may be unfamiliar, in remote viewing, the person doing it is given only a completely nondescriptive set of numbers or letters which have been assigned by another person to the target. The only information the person doing the viewing, or the person monitoring, have of the target is something like the fact that it is Target 794-B7 or what-have-you. A description of the target might be written in a sealed envelope that is on hand, but that is not necessary.

So in other words there is nothing giving any hint of any kind.

My perception of the target was first that there was a large rock that you could stand on. I tried to draw the rock but my drawings did not look like a rock at all. (You allow the drawing to be done as unconsciously as possible. I was not even looking at the paper.) And then down from there, there was water. The water was moving. I incorrectly perceived it as being a stream. I also perceived trees, and that the leaves were not "leafy."

Later, on the person providing the target hearing this, she was pretty shocked. The target she selected and assigned the code to was a place in Maine where indeed you stood on a rock, but it was looking down on a whirlpool. There were cliffs. The trees were pine or spruce and were quite prominent.

What she had written in the envelope was quite similar. Didn't mention the rock, but as mentioned above, afterwards on talking with her it was a very major feature. So it was part of the real target, which is interesting in that it helps show that the thing accessed was not the information in the envelope, but the place itself.

On the drawing, the monitor thought, AFTER reading the description which means it doesn't count, that the drawing looked like a representation of a cliff. I also read at a later time that when repetitive motions are made, which definitely was the case here, this can be the mind saying "This isn't what you think it is." So in a way, the right thing may have been depicted on paper, but it doesn't count as a hit since it wasn't determined prior to learning the facts of the location. If I had been asked at the time of the remote viewing whether I had perceived a cliff, I would have said no, although I did perceive being elevated well above the water. But I didn't "see" a cliff, and thought that the drawing was just a complete failure to draw a rock or to even get close to what would make sense for a rock.

Remote viewing is quite interesting, but I never tried it again.

Aside from being just generally interesting, it was an interesting experience in that it was like seeing, but it wasn't seeing. If that makes any sense. I believe what it is is the mind creating a visual image or images to represent what it is picking up by means that in fact are non-visual. Thus the images may not be literally correct. And in my case did not have nearly the detail of visual sight. Almost dream-like, but different. Interesting.


Around 2 years ago I was sitting in my room, infront of my PC just staring at the myself in the reflextion on the screen. The screen was black so I could see my reflection very easily and anything else behind me in my room. At the time I had just moved into that room and so it was still pretty empty. The only thing in the reflection on the screen was me and the chair I was sitting on. The wall behind me had nothing on it.

Anyway, so I was just sitting there staring at the screen, thinking about such things as God, the paranormal, evil. You know, just thinking about how there could be much more to this world than we think. I mean just think about the universe! Its amazing! So, I was just sitting there looking straight at the reflection and the lights go out for a moment, then on again. At this point I was still staring at my reflection in the screen... only now there appears to be a large figure behind me!

I lean towards my screen, looking at it, appears to me moving, likes its breathing! I turn around... nothing there. When I looked back at the screen the reflection of the figure was no longer there. Maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me from when the light went out, but it seemed way too real to me.

I dont really believe in ghosts, but I do believe there are things we cant explain yet. Much like what some of the others said already. Sorry for this essay :slight_smile:


My baby's mother thinks her apartments is haunted. Apparently, she twice had a bad dream (didn't describe what happened in the dream, just said it was bad) and woke up with a black tongue. She also said sometimes my son will come out of her room screaming, saying there is a man in there (which there isn't). I don't know, best I can come up with.

Don't remember any personal experiences with anything like that myself, but I wouldn't be that guy going around saying there's no such thing as ghosts or something. As far as aliens go, I would just find it very hard to believe that there isn't life on other planets somewhere, just isn't logical. I could see us many years from now being the aliens on other planets.



Wow, that actually sent a chill down my spine.
Ghosts(real or not) are my all time number 1 fear. I can't even watch a movie about ghosts(not even The 6th Sense)

Wow, scary stuff. What age is your son...? Small children generally don't tend to lie about things like that, especially if they are scared.

I agree about the Aliens also. I don't consider them to e 'paranormal'. The chances of us being the only intelligent life in the universe are rather slim.

My sister used to hear voices that scared the bejesus outta her for many years(she won't elaborate). Long story short she was eventually told she had quite powerful medium abilities. She had to go through many 'rituals' and processes to get it 'turned off'. Apparently my other sister also has the abilities, but not nearly as powerful.
My brother also swears that when he lived at home, when he was in bed would regulalry hear someone open his door, take a step or two inside, stand there breathing for about 7/8 seconds and then simply walk away again. He said he eventually stopped paying attention to it as it became so frequent.

This one really unsettles me, however. There's a marsh next to the sea around my area and one of my best friends lives rather close to it.
Anyways she went down there for a walk with her ex-BF one day and swore she heard a girl talking, even though they were the only ones there. Then about two nights later, she was having trouble sleeping. She opened her eyes and swears there was a girl sitting on the chair by her wardrobe with her feet in the chair and her hands clasped around her shins. She was soaking wet with leaves and mud in her hair and was shaking vigoursly.
My friend swears the girl looked right into her eyes and mouthed 'Help Me'. My friend said she just closed her eyes and said 'go away' several times and by the time she opened her eyes again, the girl was gone.

Then, it transpired that a long time ago, a girl was murdered down there. All the people where I live around my parents age knew about it but seemingly my generation didn't.

I have a pretty good BS detector and I know my friend was 100% trustworthy(even though we don't talk anymore).
I felt uneasy even typing that out.


When I was in high school my friends and I got into this thing where we would go out into cemeteries late at night. We weren't particularly looking for ghosts or anything just being typical stupid teenagers. I never actually saw antying that I could classify as a ghost, but I heard and felt some extermely weird crap: people talking that we couldn't see, cold spots in the middle of summer, warm spots in the middle of winter, or sometimes just all of us being overcome by complete fear for no reason (I mean other than being in a graveyard at night).

I don't typically believe in ghosts, but I believe in spirits. I think some energy can be stored in certain places though so that you can basically see a replay of things. Kind of like a human DVD.


A guy I used to work with told the story once that he used to live in a house when he was a kid. He saw a younger kid just walking through the upstairs part of the house, his initial reaction was to confront the kid so he went over to him asking what he was doing in his house, the kid did not respond to anything he asked so he reached out to grab him and the kid vanished instantly as soon as he touched him.

He found out later that a kid had died in that neighborhood and the kid had a habit of walking into people's houses uninvited.


Agreed. It would be extremely naive to think that we have explained even a small fraction of the world around us. Its like bacteria on a petri dish having the arrogance to think that they understand the lab that they're in, the procedure they're involved with, the technicians behind it, etc. X-Rays would have been thought of as "supernatural" not all that long ago...until we explained them.

My family inherited a really old farm house from a relative who killed himself. The poor guy was agoraphobic his whole life (ie: extreme "hermitism"...too terrified to even go to the grocery store) and in his later years spent his time bedridden due to crippling arthritis. I can't even imagine the amount of pain, both physical and mental, that his bedroom walls had seen. He finally shot himself in the head, his suicide note being simply "I cannot take any more pain".

When we were settling his affairs and cleaning stuff out of the house, there was a palpable "cold energy" in his bedroom, in fact right near where his bed was. No cooling vents nearby or anything to explain it. If you stood around it the hairs on the back of your neck would stand up and you would feel very uneasy. Our dog refused to enter the room under any circumstances. Our cat would go in, and its head would dart around with its eyes wide open as if it was looking at something moving. Strangely, it didn't get freaked out and actually kind of enjoyed being in there.

After a day of cleaning stuff out, we'd leave all the lights in the house on, as an attempt to deter burglars or vagrants (this house was in the middle of nowhere, 20 minute drive to any kind of civilization). We'd come back in the morning, and the light in his room would have been turned off. This happened 3 times.

This story is 100% true. No chains rattling, no "feeling of being watched", no plates being thrown around.....but weird stuff happening after a traumatic death.

The new owners of the house have apparently had no troubles or reported anything out of the ordinary.


I have had 2 out of body experiences from coding (heart stops beating) while on an operating table. I will probably scare the ever living shit out of some of you, and give the rest shivers up your spine. We all think as we do, but personally speaking, there is another side, and I got a glimpse. It is a truly beautiful thing, it will humble the toughest of us all.


Now you have to tell us!

Unless of course you don't want to, but thta sounds like some intruiging stuff