Experiences with Test E or C Plus Suspension Pre-Workout?

I was reading that it does have high aromatization but I’m thinking a “low dose” (maybe 50mg-
or 75mg tops) pre workout would give a boost in strength and sides could be manageable

Like injectable winny?
Did someone edit out the name of your additional suspension?
An why would you need to take it pre workout.

test suspension. not sure why it didn’t show up I could’ve forgot to put it in there. I’ve heard it gives an additional strength boost during workouts without needing to take larger amounts of the oils. especially if you’re running test only and dont want to add others or get bad sides from other strength increasing compounds

I like the idea, but with an oral test an hour or so before workouts. Or you could use anadrol

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I just figured with it being mixed in water it would hit harder and since it only has a half life of 4-6hrs (or something like that) it shouldn’t effect your overall levels too much and will just help more with short term power. I’m just trying to avoid orals all I can for my liver and kidneys sake

which I also hear injectable anadrol is amazing in regards to pumps and strength increases and isn’t as toxic as oral version so might be worth looking into

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Tyler you have a lot of open threads here your brain must be spinning haha. Have you hammered out your intended program yet? In regards to this thread. are you looking at oral Test suspensions? If you’re looking for a workout boost and not impacting AAS levels longer term, there are great orals out there already proven as already stated such as anadrol. I like anavar pre workout tbh. If you’re looking to avoid kidney/liver injectables are a slightly better option. All orals will hit somewhere, just like OTCs. I’m just starting Tren Ace which is fast acting and I can’t say it’s better than orals for immediate strength

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lol yeah my brain keeps coming up with more questions as I learn more! looking into injectable test suspension as a pre workout. like I said before I figured it would be a good way to get extra power without taking extra compounds and/or higher amounts of test in oils. my main concerns, side effect wise, is my kidneys and liver but also trying to avoid hair loss or gyno as much as possible. I haven’t started my cycle yet but plan on doing test only with nolva on hand if needed and for PCT. looking into pre workout compound ideas. I did start a post kinda planning out my next cycle but will be making adjustments after discussing it with the other commenters and wont be running that for at least 8 months.

I would use Test Ace over suspension. It doesn’t have much PIP, and it is super fast acting.

I will say though that the whole pre workout AAS thing didn’t impact me much. Var and Tbol I have tried before workouts. I did notice Tbol, but I took 120 mg of the stuff that day with 40 mg pre workout. I think just running it for a few weeks at a lower dose would have been better.

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What is your cycle history? Is the test only going to be your first?

I agree, I don’t think looking at AAS, especially test for pre workout is a good idea. Test does nothing for me based on timing for workouts, it’s more about blood levels. Once you start pre workout or otherwise you need a PCT plan or TRT, no turning back.


I think once you run your first cycle, you’ll see that AAS aren’t the “magic” they’re made out to be by non-users.

Get your first cycle under your belt and it’ll answer lots of questions that you are asking through all of your various threads.


yes it’ll be my first cycle! going to use 500 test C a week still on the way. But the deeper I go the more questions come up and relative or not I cant just leave questions unanswered lol

I know I just have to wait and see which is the hardest part lol but I just want to gather as much info as I can beforehand

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I would advise taking the suggestion from @wsmwannabe and get this cycle under your belt and see how you do. Once you get through and recover with some time off then plan another cycle and add in an oral or one other injectable. Your getting way ahead of yourself.


It’s good to ask the questions, that’s what these forums are for. But right now, with all of the open threads you have, it’s clear you don’t have a great sense of what you’re doing or what you want to do, and your case is absolutely one of those cases in which experience will answer most of these questions, or at least allow you to realize that a lot of the stuff in your head isn’t necessarily worth worrying about.

I’m not chastising you for asking questions, I am just saying to slow down and exercise a little more patience.

You’ll hear this constantly if you stick around long enough: AAS use is a marathon, not a sprint.


I completely understand and dont take any offense! like I said before I know I’m not a rocket doctor! I dont necessarily plan on acting on all the questions I ask but am just trying to get information directly from people with EXP that research papers or youtube videos wont have. like you said i know ill answer a lot of these things in due time but until then I’m going to gather as much knowledge as possible so I can “confidently” say I’m making the “best” or “right” choice! and I’d like to think that it only helps the community or might help others think differently. so prepare to see more posts… at least until the Admin tells me to go away lol

I mean, certainly don’t go away, but really do try to slow down.

Starting four different threads in five days talking about stuff you’re not doing and/or won’t be doing for quite a while can be a waste of time and energy for everyone. It’s probably best to keep the bulk of your cycle questions in your Cycle Plan thread, since it’s the most immediately relevant.


There’s quite a lot of information buried in this forum that you can read and learn from. Just search key words you’re interested in and read through the forums. That is how I gained most of the knowledge that I have (which still pales in comparison to many of these much smarter guys)

One of my favorite threads is stickied somewhere in here, I’ll have to find it. But it I really like to reference that thread when I have questions about the basics.

EDIT: found that thread. Don’t read too much into the title of it, this isn’t to insult your intelligence. There is a lot of good beginning and intermediate level knowledge in Furious George’s posts.

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didn’t expect an admin to actually respond lol I’ll try to keep it to that thread and the one wsmwannabe gave me. I do search things first but if I cant find the answer that’s when ill set up a post! not here to bother anyone! :laughing: