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Experiences with Perrigo vs Westward vs Empower

I’ve had issues with my T dropping 50% (and counting) since switching from Empower to Perrigo. I feel mostly fine (i.e. no allergic reaction or anything really bad), but have noticed issues with motivation, mood, libido, and body comp.

I’m considering asking my pharmacy if they can get Westward, or if my dr can call in a script to Empower (he’s familiar with them).

Any first hand experiences?

I’ve been on Perrigo for two years now, haven’t noticed any difference between that and anything else. It’s odd that you’d be having this reaction, but as I recall you’ve got blood work to back up this claim. So I would ask your pharmacy and doctor to work with you. I have an issue with a generic prescription that I get every month and I’ve worked with my doc and CVS to make sure I don’t end up with that particular brand. It’s worth it to discuss it with your doc. No harm comes from that conversation.

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Real strange man. I believe Perrigo changed where they manufacture though too.

I’m really curious how the new bloodwork turns out. It’d explain a lot if it’s still low. I’m shocked my E2 was at 13 too.

I actually started with Perrigo. And I make sure pharmacy gives me same brand. They ordered cipla and westward and I refused it.
I go to Costco or Walgreens to get Perrigo.

I want to stick to same brand to avoid the issue you have.

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Perrigo was good for me when I used it. You can ask if the pharmacy will compound your next refill. Pharmacies tend to compound in 220mg/ml form so take that into consideration. Recently I switched from Perrigo to compounded 200mg Test C with 20mg Test E blend that I was skeptical about, but its been real smooth flying. Try something different to see how you respond.

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I wouldn’t mind going back to Empower if this turns out to be the issue for me. I’d just use more, but it seems to raise too many doctors’ eyebrows when I say I’m on 200mg/week.

Was also thinking…how sensitive is T cyp in a dark brown bottle to light?

I keep mine in a plastic carrier on my dresser, so there is surely some daylight that hits it from the window across the room. I used to store it in the bathroom under the sink but moved it to avoid moisture:

Leave it in its little cardboard box if that concerns you.

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