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Experiences with New York Barbell


Has anybody ever shopped at New York Barbell? How is the quality of equipment and their customer service? Would you purchase from them again?


What specific equipment are you looking at?


I've purchased some equipment: flat bench, 7' curl bar, misc. Pretty solid equipment. Better than Body Solid but not as good as Elite Fitness stuff. A friend purchased a power rack, hyper, pulldown, and a belt. Been holding up 5+ years. Never tried to return anything. I would purchase from them again.


I am looking at various items, haven't decided yet and still pricing around. Possibly a small log and/or multigrip bar, econo farmer's walk, thickbars, big kettlebells (their kettlebells look off, but cheap).


For the log and econo farmers handles I would definitely go with Pitbull Equipment. You will get a much better value and equal or better equipment.

A thick bar can be made from pipe so I would not spend a lot of money on one unless you are talking about a solid axle bar (they usually weigh about 75 lbs empty) - like the one from IronMind.

I would take a look at MuscleDriverUSA for kettlebells, but you might find a good deal from NY Barbells as well.

Their racks are pretty nice but the TDS line of strongman equipment is hit or miss, and they have been known for some quality problems lately with the yoke. Sometimes you can find the delux farmers on sale for a good price and they are nice but other than that I would probably look at other options.

Let me know if you need the contact information for any of the companies mentioned above.


Try kettlebellking as well. They have some good prices, I have never ordered from them tho.