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Experiences with Max OT?


Any one have ant experience with it? I’m pretty much venturing away from powerlifting for a very long while possibly permanently. But wanting to stay in the gym and bust my butt. But, with work right now I’m limited on time. An hour 4-5 days a week tops is about it. This program seemed to fit that perfectly and I really liked the ideas behind it. But, just curious.

Essentially the program is

45 mins sessions
4 days a week
6-8 sets per big muscles
4-5 sets per smaller muscles
Staying in the 4-6 rep range per movement
Each set performed to positive failure limiting high intensity techniques such as forced reps, drop sets, and the such.



How come?


Sorry to hear that man!


I did it about 15 years ago. My joints got fried doing 4-6 reps on isolation movements.

This guy made it work though: