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Experiences with Mark Chaillet Training Program?

In Marty Gallagher’s “Purposeful Primitive” (btw a great book, this is not a sales pitch though…) he talks about Mark Chaillet. Mr. Chaillet essentially trained twice a week:

Monday: Squat: work up to a heavy single/ BP: work up to a heavy single
Thursday: DL: work up to a heavy single

I don’t have the book in front of me, but essentially he would work back 8 weeks from the meet, and would add 15-lbs each week to the bench and 20 or 25lbs to the Squat and deadlift singles each week.

"He would work up to an all out single repetition in each of three lifts one time a week. Can’t get much more minimal than that! Each training session was a mini-powerlifting competition. A Challiet deadlift routine on a good day might go as follows: 255X3 reps, 455X1, 635X1, 725X1 then the top, heaviest set of the day, 815X1. I saw him pull 850 a dozen times, pull 880 once and get 900 over his knees. His entire workout could consist of five or six sets with between seven and ten cumulative reps. See you next week! "
-Marty Gallagher

I’m by no means an elite lifter but I’ve found in my own training I gain fastest if I focus on the 3 powerlifts and limit the amount of assistance work - this of course would be taking that philosophy to the extreme.

Has anyone trained using a routine like this? And if so, how did it work for you? What were your results?

I’m actually starting a 12 week Chaillet-esk cycle. I ramp up a little differently but same concept i.e. Work up to a top single, increasing about 2% for 12 weeks and do nothing else. I’ve had great success with a ramping up system with fives. It’s definitely something worth trying out.

Sounds similar to how Doug Furnas would train - benching Sunday and squatting Wednesday, rarely doing deadlifts (after squats) and not much assistance work.
986 squat, 600 bench, 826 deadlift, 2403 total at 275.

Epic thread resurrection.

Now, if you can go singles at 75%, 85%, 95% and set meet PRs (and that is the extent of training goals) and you enjoy that style of training and it doesn’t wreck you, why not?

In a couple of Louie’s videos, he mentioned that one of his guys trained at 10% less than everyone else and made great gains. I always wondered if it was Wendler. Of course at WSBB, it was probably still a lot of volume.

I did something similar, warm up sets and then 5 singles at the same weight with a minute rest between,

I did deadlifts on the same day the competition would be (usually Sunday) and squat and bench on the Wednesday. Did nothing else and It worked better for me than doing sets of 3 or 5 reps plus assistors.

I think this method took my bench from 65 pounds to 85 pounds over Christmas break when I was 13.