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Experiences with Low Carb Tortillas


Has anyone noticed a neg. effect on body comp from eating low carb totillas? (la tortilla factory)?


i lost alot of weight while still eating them occasionally. I'd limit myself to no more than 2 of the small ones a day or one large one.

alot of soy flour, so it's not that good for males, but for women it should be fine.


         Not at all. I have one, sometimes two, here and there. I wouldn't worry about them, they seem to be close to the "net carb count" that they claim. Never caused me to stop burning fat when I was on the AD. 



Saw your similar post in CT's Nutrition for Newbies. I'm assuming his denial struck home with you. If you have to eat wraps or whatever you're eating with them, try lettuce. I don't notice the taste and the fat rolls thank me. If you are satisfied with the responses you get (in disagreement with CT?) then eat them.