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Experiences With Insulin


I have an Australian buddy who used insulin with AAS and has gained a hell of alot of weight on it.

What I would like to hear is anyones experiences with insulin, both good and bad. What kind of dosages did you use? When? And what were your results??


I've used it. It's not very good alone, but with AAS it's ok. With AAS, IGF and GH + T4, it'll be awesome.


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T3 will engender a response in your body mediated by type-III deiodinase. What you want is a response mediated by type-I and II deiodinase.

Check out the latest issue of MindandMuscle, because I go into it at length there.

Basically, you don't want to use T3 with GH, if you are looking for a maximum anabolic effect - you want to use T4. T3 is really only going to be decent with GH if all you're looking for is fat-burning, or if you are using a bunch of anabolics with it also.



I really enjoyed your article on T4 and GH, but I'm curious as to the how you would structure a cycle using these two elements. Surely using T4 for an extended period of time is going to be detrimental to thyroid health.


It's doubtful that prolonged use of just thyroid medication would be permanently damaging to the thyroid. There is an often quoted paper by Greer, et al. where thyroid function returned to normal within a short period of time, when thirty-year-long use of thyroid medication was halted.

We see people doing GH + thyroid, + AAS, then dropping calories (idiotic) when they go off thyroid meds, and not doing the proper supplements, and THAT often causes more issues than simply doing thyroid meds, and cessation of therapy.


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Thanks AR.. I might just have to venture into the GH World now.. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I've been looking on the boards to see a general reaction to the article, and I think most people have gotten the gist of it pretty well. I'm pretty eager to see the response of experienced people who try their GH with T4, on those boards I have looked at.

In fact, I'm sure in several years, someone on the private/invite/Vip boards will have grown a brain that works and be able to re-post that article, and explain what I'm talking about to the Vetocracy there.

Hoewever...the article seems to be well grasped and understood, on the dozen or so "open" boards that it's been posted on so far, or discussed on-this one included. I'm very interested to see legitimate feedback on the article, especially on the boards where there are alot of experienced GH users.

Anyway- Glad y'all liked it.


Many thanks AR.