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Experiences with Increasing Dose >200mg/Week?

I’m looking for anecdotal experiences from guys who have increased their weekly dose from “average” TRT levels (ie: 100-120mg/week) to 200mg - 250mg/week. I realize at this point you’re veering out of the TRT lane and into the cycle lane, but I don’t really care about semantics.

For those who have:

a.) What were the benefits?
b.) What were the drawbacks? (increased sides, etc)
c.) Any noticeable changes in blood markers before and after?
d.) Did you decide to stay at the higher dose?


I’m probably an outlier, but my experience was it wasn’t good. I couldn’t sleep. Very hard to orgasm, likely due to increased estrogen and therefore serotonin. I didn’t reap gym benefits. Just didn’t feel well.

I know most guys will feel great moving up in dosage. I think you just have to experiment.

Body composition. I didn’t notice a difference in mental ability, libido, or sexual function going from 150 -->200 mg/wk.

None that I know of. No additional sides. Hematocrit I am guessing went up a point or two, but I wasn’t close to the top of the range anyways.

See answer to B. I haven’t had blood work on 200 mg yet, but I have a testosterone level vs hematocrit graph that shows for me increasing testosterone increases hematocrit (probably true for almost everyone). At 150 mg/wk I was at 46-47 (52 was the top of the range) for hematocrit.

Well I am taking 600 mg/wk ATM (about 10 more weeks left). After that I’ll go back to 200 mg/wk.

FWIW, I feel almost exactly the same at 600 mg/wk as at 200 mg/wk. I think libido is slightly less at 600 mg/wk compared to 200, but it is still a healthy libido. I did 1 other blast at 325 mg/wk, and libido was crazy on that dose. I was having sex or wacking it so much I was starting to get issues with penis chafing. I also had really good energy on 325 mg/wk.

That sounds… unpleasant? :joy:


If I was going for libido only, 325 mg/wk was ridiculous. It was like I was 16 again. IMO, there can be too much libido. I would rather have too much than too little, but somewhere in the middle is optimal.

The chafing limited my orgasm count on that protocol. Because of that I got even more horny. As I said, it was too much.

I’ve done many different doses between 100mg - 200mg

A) Body composition on 200 is better. Helps with keeping the depression and anxiety away.
B) I think libido kind of goes down the higher I go. Not terribly lower but noticeable
C) no real noticeable effects on blood work
D) I picked 150mg a week

My libido went up for a while and then it dropped. After bloodwork i discovered that my prolactin was a bit high. I started taking 100mg of P-5-P at night before going to sleep and that really helped. Libido is back strong.
The only negative of having a strong libido is I’m 61 and my wife is 60. Her libido is much lower than mind so that can cause issues.
I just have more energy and better moods on 200 vs 100.
No noticeable gains in the gym and my bloodwork is just as stable as it was at 100.
I still don’t need an AI at 200.

I have been playing around with my dosage for over a year. I like to tinker.

Started out at 200 (this was 3+ yrs ago)
-felt great
-major changes in body composition
-no side effects
-raises HCT a lot

Went to 140; no real change from 200; HCT still went up

Dropped to 120
-less energy
-maintenance calories all of the sudden started to equal surplus; gained unwanted weight

Dropped to 60

Now I’m back up to 140 (20/d) and hoping that the HCT won’t blow up as much because of the daily administration.

In the past I’ve run 500 for 12 weeks and there is zero difference for me between 500 and 200 in terms of how I feel. Obviously look better on 500, but that big jump in dose was unnoticeable otherwise.

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I just came off 200mg to 140mg. When I began to take 200mg a week things changed significantly. Everything is great. At 140mg I started to notice that my workouts make me sore, and my sleep is not continuos. So I benefit more from the higher dose. Going to stick with 140mg for 3 months though. Need to allow the new protocol to gain traction and then make an assessment.

Where was your HCT at its highest?

I’m a side effect machine with increased dosages.

Positives = 200mg ‘felt’ great mentally, confident, zero worry, etc. Muscles were also swollen if that’s your thing and had good energy.

Negatives = more acne, more hair loss, more sexual problems, increased body hair, testicles shriveled to grapes.

100 was good. Then 120 then 140. At 140 I was easily triggered. Very argumentative. Also seems my hr increased. Lost night time wood.

Back to 120.

Same, but with 600 and 200. I think many who have never used think it is going to be like being on coke when they do their first cycle. I can’t tell a difference with 400 mg/wk more (mentally that is), physical I can tell a difference.

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At least check 59. As far as I know it still is. That was blood work from about six weeks ago. Planning on getting another draw in a few weeks to see how it changed (if it did at all) from my change in dose/schedule and a few lifestyle/diet adjustments.

No doubt. There are two things that are noticeable, nandrolone (very bad no good terrible mental state, even at low doses) and dianabol (all of the good). But anavar, primo, and at one point 600mg test? Absolutely no difference in mood, sleep, libido, or anything else.