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Experiences with High Natural SHBG?

Hello. I am interested in people who naturally had high shbg with normal testosterone, but with symptoms such as: low energy, poor libido, poor erection, lack of morning erection, mood swings, poor penis sensitivity, reduced hair growth, reduced testicles. How do you feel on trt, and how long have you been on trt? my tt is around 800 (250-870) but shbg is finally around 50 (17-54) and my ft in the calculator is 13ng / dl.

Have you tried anything to lower this?

Yea. I have tried boron supplementation for a long time - no change whatsoever. I tried a caloric surplus, more carbohydrates - also no effects - I tried everything, the problem has been for over 2 years; so it’s probably high time to do something about it? I am 23 years old but I am losing my life because I live without any comfort

I was in this boat fella-

Had really decent natural T levels but free T was at bottom of the range.

There’s some theories and evidence that high SHBG can be your body holding on to T by increasing SHBG because you’re struggling to make enough T- don’t quote me on that though.

Whats your FSH and LH out if interest?

I had all the symptoms of low T

Brain fog
Low libido
Low energy
No motivation
Couldn’t recover from exercise.
Even had a patch of facial hair fall out.

I’ve been on since Sept last year and had a couple of false starts before that where I bottled it because of the commitment to expense and the though of a lifetime if medication.

Its really helped with most of the above. One thing that I can’t explain how much life quality its given me back just because of the migraines!

I’m still getting dialled in tbf- currently I’m in a pretty good place with it but its given me some gyno and one other side ive noticed is increased body odour from sweating (teenagers get this with increased sex hormones so to be expected).

One thing I think is worth mentioning- SHBG binds tighter to T more than estrogen.

If you increase T to overcome the high SHBG you will get higher E2 and with my experience higher E2 with high SHBG isn’t a great combo as the free E2 to Free T ratio worsens.

So I’ve finally accepted i need to try a small amount of a.i.

You’ll get told by lots on here to not touch any- I followed that advice for 9 months and now I’m facing up to the fact I need gyno surgery.

Good luck- would I go back and not start… absolutely not. Its made a huge difference in a positive way!

my lh and fsh are in the middle of the range. I hate this feeling of brain fog, I could sleep and sleep - no thought about sex, hard to get excited - quite the opposite of the man I was when I was 20 and now 23 and no drive, tired - hard to live like this. Are your functions back where they should be? what’s your shbg result now?

I’ve massively improved over where I was pre TRT.

Yes going back to bed all the time was something that was really impacting on my life.

My SHBG was higher than yours. Its still just above top of range but with the added T it’s now dropped and my free T is much better.

I’ve got a log on here matey if you want to know more about the journey have a read.

Someone else with natural high shbg?

I posted this in another thread. My issue was high SHBG. I struggled with muscle aches and pains for almost 7 years along with low energy. I’m 47 now but started having issues at 40. After seeing numerous doctors and paying for tons of labs I switched to a keto and then carnivore diet. I’m 6’2”. Weighed roughly 185-190 but got to 170 thru following diet advice from different docs. I was way too skinny and I didn’t feel any better.

Started seeing a new doc 12 months ago. Someone finally listened and said my prob was low free t. He gave me t dhea and hcg. Taking 160 of test cyp a week. Tweaked this to EOD IM. My shbg was at 81 pre test. Free t was 2. He also told me to stop keto. He said zero or low carb diets mess with shbg by elevating it. After 6 months my shbg declined to 40. Free t was 13. I went from 175 pounds to 200. Im around 12% bf. I lift every day. Push / pull / legs and start again. I love working out ED. No major aches and pains.

In hindsight low free t was the issue. I think my muscles were wasting which led to the constant pain. The chronic fatigue is gone. Ive put on 25 pounds of muscle in 9 months. Some of my injuries have healed up. I feel alive again.

I’ve finally pushed over 200 lbs. I’m somewhere between 202-204. I had new labs done June 4. Shbg was 31. Total t was 929. Free t was 22. He didn’t change anything with my previous prescription. I was hoping to get my free t higher since the upper limit is 37 but he said everything looked fine and he didn’t want to mess with anything.

Other than trying keto and carnivore I’m not sure what I did to cause shbg to be so high. I wasn’t on any meds before. I’m only on the test meds now. All i know is that with extra test and more carbs my shbg is normal and i feel normal. I’d love to feel like superman but not sure what i need to tweak to get there. My only struggle is what cholesterol which is something that’s always been borderline for me. Oh well.


It’s a common reason guys seek TRT. Go to the PCP, get testosterone checked, it looks good. Free T and SHBG are not part of the evaluation. So, yeah, a lot of guys with high SHBG end up on testosterone.

I had high shbg from finasteride. On about 260mg a week now and feel fantastic.

According to the calucator, my free t is around 13 ng / dl (1.70%). What do you think about this level? I think earlier maybe I had high shbg but I think I had even higher testosterone because I didn’t have any sexual problems; however I had a problem with fatigue but it was less than now. I tried hcg - my testicles grew to the size they were before the symptoms, I slept better, my penis got bigger, I didn’t have to drink coffee, I got up at 7 o’clock well, I had more stubble after 7 days than now. I also did a test with small doses of proviron 12.5mg ed 1/2 tablet, also sleep became better, more energy, better mood - but I had to give it up because I noticed that my hair started to fall out slightly, but I do not know if proviron was a problem because I still go through it the hand, I collect the hair; maybe low free testosterone is to blame?

I started with SHBG at 80 also. Not sure what it is now. I’m doing 18mg/day (126mg/week) and my TT is 1500 ng/dL but FT only 24 ng/dL, so I’m guessing my SHBG must still be really high.

I’ve been thinking about going to EoD injections, thinking maybe the bigger dose will decrease SHBG more.

What’s your E2, do you know? Do you feel like DHEA helped you?

You think that if I have exhausted all ideas about high shbg, is it worth trying trt at my age? (23 years old) plans to do labs tomorrow and see if the shbg level is still in the top limit. If I start trt I think it will be a basic dose such as 100mg e7d / e5d depending on what the clinic suggests - I would like to add hcg - ovitrelle to the protocol so that it would be easier to unblock later. I wonder if my daily exhaustion is too high shbg, my mind fog despite long sleep, will my libido return when I go on trt and will my penis finally feel? I wonder if my figure does not change much despite training? in general, when it comes to strength results, they are probably not the worst?

Dead Lift - 170kg
Squat - 150 kg
Benchpress - 105 kg (it’s hard for me to progress and keep my strength here) Weight about 83-80 kg, what do you think? Will it record any progress during trt?

Hmm what do you think ?

My yesterday results

total testosterone: 804ng/do (249-836)

Shbg: 42.60 nmol (17-54)

Albumina; 4.98 (3.5-5.2)

Lh: 5.09 (1.7-8.6)

What do you think?

Pretty decent, actually. FT just under 2%. You said you tried boron for a long time; what dose?

Labs don’t tell the who story, lots of other factors were never considered, like androgen sensitivity or CAG repeat lengths.

Someone with sensitive androgen receptors can get away with a lower Free T versus a guy with insensitive androgen receptors.

You ask what do we think, well how do you feel?

I took bor before, but I took a break. Since the last tests, I take boron for 2 months - 3 weeks on 1 off. 9mg ed.

sorry google translator translates a little badly. I was more concerned with what you think about my symptoms and symptoms. my symptoms have been going on for 2 years and all in all I would like to regain my sexual function, lust and erections and am wondering whether to start trt with these results. SHBG always comes out with a similar result, several times it was around 55 (upper norm). I tried a low dose of hch for two weeks as the doctor wrote. I regained some energy, my erection improved (the penis was more swollen), there was more facial hair - but after a week I had a lot of estrogen and I had to intervene. I also tried with Proviron - there is a slight improvement but I don’t want to risk it anymore because I lost some hair. I just think about trt - although I don’t know if the results I gave could cause weak erections and poor libido? what do you think?

I watched a video a few days ago where a guy used 12mg 2weeks on, 2 off, with great results. Taking it continuously resulted in e2 getting too high, hence the time on, off idea