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Experiences with HGH


Hearing more and more about HGH, and wanted to hear from those who have run a cycle, or even those with 2nd hand experience, etc.

I am now 43 years old, train jujitsu about 5 days a week and lift 3-4 days a week. I am certainly interested in the (supposed) anti-aging and reduced bodyfat benefits, with a secondary interest in the synergistic effect with the typical anabolics (testosterone, etc) that I would be running in conjunction with the GH.

I was thinking of running the following cycle in about an year (low dose) to test the waters:
1iu per day - 6 weeks
1.5iu per day - 6 weeks
2iu per day - 6 weeks
2.5 per day - 6 weeks

Current stats are 43 yrs old, 5-11, 220lbs, 15-17% bodyfat

Can anyone share experiences or perspective? Do I understand correctly that you do NOT have to run any post cycle therapy? Does “exogenous” HGH suppress your body’s natural production like testosterone or other anabolics? Any other considerations or risks I should take into account?

Thank you in advance!


No PCT is needed. Yes it does suppress natural but theoretically, this can be somewhat avoided by pinning in the morning and letting your natural surge happen at night when sleeping.

I ran 5 IU/day for about 90 days. LOVED IT. Water weight gain was 22 pounds initially then that came off and I ended up losing 18 pounds from my starting weight. Lost 4 inches in my midsection and kept almost all of my muscle. (I was also blasting Test and NPP for most of this time). In my opinion, 6 weeks isnt going to do it. With GH, the longer the better. Decent GH is expensive. Mine cost me $170/100IU. 3 months cost about $720


Thanks so much for the response Studhammer.

I was actually proposing running for 6 months - starting at 1iu per day and increasing every 6 weeks until I get to about 3iu. I thought half a year was essentially the minimum cycle length to see “critical mass”.

So the primary benefit in your case was fat loss while retaining muscle? What was your bodyfat % before starting? Did you see these results without dramatic changes to your diet and exercise? Or did you make significant changes to these factors in conjuction with GH/test/npp?

Thank you!!!


Not a damn bit!! LOL It was a magic bullet if you ask me.

Probably in the 16-18% range. At the end, I wasnt ripped but I could see abs and serratus when flexed.


Wow that’s great to hear, thanks for sharing.

So based on what I have been reading, fat loss and recovery (especially in conjunction with Testosterone) seem to be the two real strengths of this drug, while muscle building is secondary.

Anyone else care to share experiences or observations?