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Experiences with Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone?

Sorry if this has been addressed. Since HCG is now unavailable at compounding pharmacies, has anyone had experience with GnRH use? If so what is your dosing protocol?

There’s a guy on excelmale keeping a log of using GnRH, I think he found some success his only complaint was that you needed to dose several times a day.

HCG is still available from regular pharmacies, and I believe a bill is being written to change the language on the law the FDA is using to stop compounded biologics

Yes that’s important otherwise the receptors desensitize and you’ll get complete suppression like a prostate cancer patient. That’s why they apply leuproreline as a depot, it completely shuts down the pituitary.

I’ve been experimenting with kisspeptin-10 at 100 mcg every day.

Have you measured your LH/FSH levels since trying? Also thanks for everyones response.

I have not. I actually wasn’t entirely honest with my protocol in order to avoid looking like a maniac. It appears that if you have access to sit around, hooked up to an IV Saline solution that administers 1.0 mcg/kg of body weight per hour, that is the most effective way to boost LH/FSH via Kisspeptin increasing GNRH. This method obviously isn’t realistic on a day to day basis.

Researchers also studied individual doses. Ironically 1.0 mcg/kg of body weight was more effective than 3.0 mcg/kg suggesting that more is not better with this peptide.

After a bolus injection of 1.0 mcg/kg of bodyweight, LH/FSH peaked in 30 minutes and then dropped down after 90 minutes, which suggests it pulses our LH/FSH and doesn’t provide a sustained release when injected acutely in one dose.

Yesterday, because I’m still able to work from home remotely, I’ve begun experimenting with 100 mcg (I’m 200 lbs) 3 times per day. Once upon waking, once around noon and once before bed - a total of 300 mcg/day.

Prior to this, I was injecting 100 mcg/day for the last week.

I’m someone who feels horrible on hCG and I’ve been on TRT for about 5-6 years; so I’ve never stopped searching for an alternative.

Even more impressive about Kisspeptin-10 is there appears to be no desensitization after continuous exposure. There’s other benefits outside of increasing LH/FSH/Testosterone including energy balance, cancer protection, memory enhancement and also kidney/heart health.

I can tell you that in almost every way, I “feel” better. Libido, leanness, muscle mass, mood, attention, testicular size have all improved. Without any dietary changes, I’ve actually gone from 198 to 202 in one week and look leaner.

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Thanks, this is interesting. I don’t do well on HCG, it has a significant negative impact on my mood, which I have assumed is due to the increased aromatisation. I wonder if the same will happen here as it certainly stimulates T production. I’d love to have the benefits of HCG without the sides.

I don’t believe it’s due to aromatization resulting in increased estrogen because I’ve had it tested plenty of times while taking hCG and my estrogen didn’t appear significantly higher than when I wasnt taking hCG.

I’ve read that in some, it increases another hormone (I cannot remember the name & am too busy to search for it right now) that essentially causes hypertension and water retention.

I too notice irritability, water retention, headaches, higher blood pressure and difficulty sleeping when taking hCG.

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Aldosterone? I’ve seen that as the cause for water retention or bloating before

Yes thank you. That’s the one.