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Experiences with Dairy


I've researched dairy a lot, since I like it but am not sure how my body responds. I would like other's personal experiences on how dairy (and specify what kind...yogurt, low carb milk, cottage cheese??) effects their body comp AND how did they figure this out? I just don't know how to tell if dairy is okay for me. I think sometimes it causes some breakouts. Maybe it makes me bloat, but I can't tell because I feel fat for lots of reasons sometimes and I can't know if it's from the dairy or not...


The way I went about it was very simple. I elminiated all dairy from all my meals for 1 month. I only ate meat, fish and fowl with lots of vegetables and fruits. Then I introduced 1 dairy (say whole milk) and watched what happened with my body and my overall feeling the next 1 or 2 weeks.

That was the only way for me to know what was good or bad. You would be surprised at the foods that everyone says are unhealthy but your body asimilates them perfectly vs the ones that are "healthy" choices that cause allergy.

For example I have no problem with raw cream or raw full milk, but skimmed homogenized and pasteurized milk literally destroyed my stomach....same for cofee.


I'm terribly lactose intolerant. But I handle any kind of dairy product without much lactose pretty well.


Thanks. I'm not sure what to look for in terms of reactions - I did eliminate it for a few months and then about 3 weeks ago added in yogurt. I feel fatter than normal, but that can be mental so I don't really trust it. Can dairy cause fat gain? Or water retention?

And how do you know if something is water retention vs. fat gain?



1) weight gain = more calories in than out. it does not happen by eating certain foods.

2) i see no reason why any dairy products would cause water retention.

3) check your body fat % periodically

the only way i could see that dairy would cause excess fat gain is if somebody drank fat free milk so much that it kept their insulin levels elevated constantly. which is unlikely.
or else if they considered haagen dazs their staple food for dairy.