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Experiences with Compounded Creams/Gels


just curious about experiences and levels.. also what type..

my dr gave me 20mg/ml of a versabase (which someone told me was toxic) i am to take 1/2 ml .. i asked the pharmacists about the absorption factor he said it would all be absorbed. so that would be 10mg a day?

switching from the injections to see if i can get my HDL back up and my hematocrit down..

would love to hear feedback.. thanks!


We would expect to see 10% absorbed. Typically we see creams as “%” T, weight:volume.

Then we see that some do not absorb transdermals.


it is a 2% the pharmacists insists that at i will be getting a full 10mg a day… we’ll see. I am leary and not how to make the transistion from my low dose injections which help me feel well to this cream which may do nothing- and i also dont want to give myself a stroke with such low HDL. what is a “safe” high hemtocrit for a female bodied person? the lab range is 45% … oddly after they took a pint of blood my hemacrit a month later was higher than before the phlebotomy. before i was 46% a month later 47% no change in dose.


I will be very interested in how you do on this. I switched to creams and I am on 50mg/day. The assumption was that only 10% would be absorbed. My serum blood testing results showed my Testosterone levels were around 500, not good but not bad.

My doctor then wanted me to do the ZRT blood spot test because he said that the newest research shows that absorption is closer to 100%, but that serum blood samples do not reflect accurate levels when using a topical cream. The line of thought is that capillary blood collected via blood spot is more accurate for topical.

My results were over 7,000, which according to him is why my hematocrit and hemoglobin are elevated and why i initially felt good but now not so much because my receptors are down regulating. I encourage you and your doc to research it and see if you can make more sense of it than I can. Now I am in a quandry - do I dose according to the tried and true method, or does this blood spot test have merit?


i dont know any dr’s that are willing to do research… they never seem to have time.
however the pharmacist i spoke with at the compounding place said something very similar to what you are describing…although he said us a saliva test. the guy has a ton of info and seemed to like to talk about it… he is really angry and feels alot of people are being “over dosed” because dr’s are going by blood tests.
i dont know if it is ok to give the info… but i will and well see if it goes though… at this point i am too overwhelmed in my world to do much research, btwn my health issues and a dying parent i am just trying to keep head above water…
the pharmacy is apothecary options 530.345.7979 and the guy i talked too is steve… he was really nice.

also i am looking into womens international compounding pharm…they have alot of info too. and dont use versabase.

hope you are able to get some clarity.


Sounds exactly like the info I heard. I am just worried that if it is true that I have been ‘overdosing’ then I I will crash even getting down to a good level since my body has adjusted to a much higher dose. I guess in your case it won’t hurt to see how you do and adjust upwards if need be. My doctor has the pharmacist compound chrysin into the mix as an AI. Despite some skepticism about chrysin, my estradiol has stayed around 20 when it went up pretty high on injections.