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Experiences with Clomid/Enclomiphene

Recently started taking enclomiphene which is an isolated form of clomid without the zuclomiphene isomer (zuclo causes all the nasty estrogen side effects on clomid). Everything is great on it good mood, strength and energy levels. The only thing I’m still experimenting is the dosage and frequency.

Since enclo has only an 11 hour half life it starts to breakdown pretty quickly… and I’ll be using it long term so I want to use the lowest dose possible while maximizing gains I found this was at 0.5 (12.5mg) per day. Since it’s an oral and I plan to use long term I thought about taking 2 days off per week to give the liver a break but noticed some feelings of ups/downs…

What would you advise? And why?

Option 1: 0.3ml (7.5mg) ED no off days
Option 2: 0.5ml (12.5mg) ED with 2 days off per week
Option 3: ??

How did you get the drug? It isn’t approved in any region (US, EU etc) yet?

Try 12.5mg EOD. The most experienced TRT doctors who use clomid extensively suggest this as a starting protocol. You may increase later.

How did you get it? I was very hard looking for enclomiphene. I think you risk it is pure clomid.

My experiences with clomid were that it raised my total testosterone but made me feel like shit and after 2 weeks I couldnt stand it anymore.

It’s not an “oral” like dbol or other 17AA orals which are liver toxic. No need whatsoever to take any breaks

If you take it like a suppository you are doing something wrong…

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He has already found 12.5mg ed to be the lowest working dose. Enclomiphene is NOT the same as regular clomid (clomid has zuclomiphene in addition to enclomiphene and the zuc half life is in the order of weeks). The dosing will be different to clomid.

I say try something like 0.4ml (9mg), but broken into twice daily dosing (0.2ml each dose). Otherwise stick to 12.5mg ed.

Im very interested to know how long this keeps working for. For me, regular clomid was incredible for a couple months, and then stopped working. Its hard to say to say if this is caused by zuclomiphene building up or the effects on SHBG (it doubles for many). And does enclomiphene solo also affect SHBG the same way?

Another point to be made is a lot of the so called enclomiphene that is UGL is in fact good old clomid. Its really hard to verify, unless it’s from a compounding pharmacy.

Bro, enclomiphene is just a research chemical. I dont know have you found it in the first place. I dont know if anybody in the world can answer your questions about it. Most probably not. You have to try it. How safe it is also nobody knows.

So you get it from a compounding pharmacy?

Research chemical sites have had it for years it’s not all that complex a molecule to manufacture…

I’ve used clomid before and this is definitely not it… it’s awesome in every way. I’m leaner, stronger, better cognitively calm and collected and absolutely no weird estrogen emotions…

That makes sense.

I’ve used clomid before and this is definitely not that. I tried twice daily dosing but it just felt strange… I think once in the morning is also in line with natural testosterone surges.

Hi mike12
How are you doing with the enclomiphene?

If you’ve used Enclomiphene (not Clomid). What was your experience like? How did it make you feel? Physical and mental effects? I’d like to compare them to mine which are pretty profound…

I believe people are interested in your experience to see whether they should potentially pursue it or not. There aren’t a lot of first hand accounts out there about it