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Experiences with Carnivore Diet/Eating Strategy?

Anybody try this or familiar with this ?

I’ve read a bit about it and followed (at one-time) Dr. Baker and Chris Bell on Instagram and they post about it non-stop. I asked Paul Carter about it here:

Cool, thanks Marine.

I’m enjoying it thus far. Performance hasn’t suffered at all and has benefited in some regards.

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This is similar but less hardcore version, has good feedback and probably a lot healthier…

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This is sort of what I am doing now. The program calls it lean and greens, but it’s the same thing really.

How has it been ?

This sounds awful lol

It’s not exactly what I’ve been doing… I’m actually on a program called Optavia 5 and 1 and it’s been really great. I was very skeptical and have been pretty surprised about how good I feel on it and how easy it’s been.

I’m planning on doing a full write up on the program once I’m finished my next month. So far I’m down about 15 pounds in 4 weeks (212 - 197).

Right on. Keep me posted

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It systematizes caloric restriction making it extremely easy. The food they provide is pretty questionable though. Cheap ingredients like soy protein.

If it’s working that’s great though.

Ya, I’m not a fan of the soy. It was one of my biggest hang-ups, but I like the results and it’s only 8-12 weeks.

Just beware that it falls in the crash diet category in my opinion. 5 snacks and a meal is 500 calories + your meal calories, so maybe 1500ish? Very low for most people.

It’s closer to 1800ish for me, but you’re not wrong. My coach and I adjusted it for my lean mass and lifting.

*I’m 5 weeks in and feel better physically than I have in a while tbh, I have been surprised myself.