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Experiences with Biotest.co.uk?


First off have any of you brits bought off of this site?

Secondly, I ordered some stuff on there almost a week and a half ago and according to the site it is still processing.

I don't want to go with other companies I know Biotest stuff rocks. But if I run out of my supps and it still hasn't even processed then I'll have to go somewhere else.

Anyone else had a problem with the processing?


There was a Danish guy who had issues with them, can't remember his username.


Same with me! Ordered 14.12.2010. I sent them a e-mail and asked them when they are going to send it, but no answer.....But its christmas, so it will take some time i guess


I ordered from them once, had no problems at all. It's much cheaper to order straight from here though. Takes a week, maybe slightly longer (unless you're ordering to Poland, where it takes about a week for it to go through customs....).