Experiences With BETA-7

What’s been your experience with BETA-7?

I used it for 1 month, didn’t really notice much UNTIL I stopped using it (couldn’t afford another bottle, now I never buy only 1 at a time).

It’s not a FEEL IT kinda supplement, but after I stopped and then started again I realized the difference.

Higher rep sets didn’t effect me as much, didn’t have to lower the weight for the later sets, was able to do complexes more efficiently. Circuiting antagonistic exercises wasn’t as hard.

Did exactly what Biotest said it would do.

LOVE THIS STUFF!! im hoooked on it…im on my 3rd bottle of it right now, luckily i have a good enough job that i have the money to afford it!! but it does last veryy long…definitely helps in higher reps…

i did the Triple Total Training by Chad Waterbury on the one day calls for sets of 24reps…i did this workout once before but this time around i felt amazing…i just kept throwing more weight on and felt like i could just keep on going…

i think it really helps with anerobic workouts…if you havent tried it id definitely reccommened trying it…its definitely worth the money