Experiences with BBB or Pervertor?

So I’ve finally gotten Jim’s Forever 531. I went through it all last night. What an incredible book! It’s literally packed with a lifetime of effective and diverse training. If you are on the fence. Get it! Im starting a 2 leader 1 anchor cycle. (first time I’ve understood the concept I’ve heard so much about). I’ve already chosen my anchor program. The 531+PR, Jokers, FSL. But I cannot decide my leader cycle. What do you guys think? Anyone run both of these? Any suggestions? I’m leaning heavily towards either BBB or Pervertor

Just run one now and the other in 3-6 months or so…

They’re both worth trying, although with the new book I’m sure you’ve got about a decade worth of programs to try now. I’ve had BBB (Forever variant) break through some plateaus one time, but not so much the other time. I’ve heard of some people on Pervertor, but not their results yet. It looks really cool though, good size/strength blend. So if you just want size, try BBB first, if you want more of a strength component as well, Pervertor. Just remember to keep the zerchers out of it! If you go with Pervertor let us know how it goes in a few months, it’d be nice to get some feedback on that one. (The 3rd week looks kind of scary but I’m a wuss, good luck).

Thanks for the response. I think I’ll give pervertor a go and see what happens.

Haha! I still like heavy static Zercher Holds for 4-5sets of 10-15sec for core work. But no carries or squats :wink:

I’ll put up a post of how it goes. Cheers!

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I’m on my 2nd cycle of Pervertor now.

It’s good, and includes a BBB week for you to get a feel for how you like that.
Personally after 1 cycle changed the deadlifts to SSL because I did not like 5 x 10 for those.


Yeah. I’ve never done 5x10 and wouldn’t ever plan on it. That would smoke my low back. FSL or SSL 3x5 or 5x5 works well for me. I’ve yet to have it stall on me for any length of time.

Good stuff, thanks. yeah I think it looks like a good way to get some volume work in, but not do it straight for 2 cycles which is a little rough on the joints.

Following, interested in Pervertor too.
Only thing, why follow up with PR sets, Jokers as Anchor instead of the specific Pervertor anchor? It has PR sets and Jokers too

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Mainly because I want to see how well or not, pervertor (Leader) works for me. The pervertor anchor has too many variables (widow makers, SSL). I want to see how far I can push my PR sets and how far I can go with the Jokers after the leader. I’m afraid all of the extra volume in the pervertor anchor will limit what I can do during the PR and joker sets. I could totally be wrong but it makes sense to me that if I’m experimenting that removing variables will give me a better answer as to how well it works for me. I want to know because if it works very well then I will run it for several cycles (with the pervertor anchor) because I like the variety.

It’s a valid point and you can’t go wrong with PR sets, Jokers and FSL - I’ve tried it and it’s a lot of fun imho, very effective too.

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I’ve never put all 3 together. I’m excited to give it and Pervertor a go