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Experiences With Alpha Male


I have been training for about 2 years using programs of this site. I plan on starting to use the supplement Alpha Male. I'm 18, Current Bench Max is 295, deadlift 315, squat 315. i am currently training with the Westside for Bodybuilders Bench-Press routine off of this site. Overall i am in a very healthy state, on no medications, and feel that I would like to enhance my bodybuilding results with Alpha Male.

The questions that I would appreciate being answered are:

-What kind of training program would be most effective to gain overall size and muscularity on Alpha Male?

-Should I expect any side effects from this producet ae. acne, mood swings etc?

-Are there any negative effects from this product?

-What kind of gains could I potentially see on strength, and muscle size?

*Id especially like to hear from people who have actually used the product. What is your overall opinion and results?

--Thanks in advance for all the information


When using Alpha Male I'm having erections like I was 18 years old.

That probably won't help you since you are 18 years old...

Seriously, I don't know exactly, because if I use supplements it is allways a combination like ZMA, Alpha Male and enough saturated fat to boost my testosterone levels and it seems to work,


I doubt you need a testosterone booster at your age.

I am not trying to to be rude, but any program that would add overall size and muscularity without a supplement would just be amplified on some level by a supplement.

The only "side effects" I experienced on Alpha Male was a sharp increase in my libido. I was pleased as well was Catherine. :wink: Again, at 18 you shouldn't need any help with that.

None that I experienced.

I guess one might experience an increase of strength and muscle size, but I am pretty sure that is not the reason for this product. I am pretty sure it is for raising the natural production of testerone.

Since I have used the product, I guess I qualify. :slight_smile:

--Thanks in advance for all the information[/quote]



I'm 19 and have used T boosters before. Not Alpha Male, but similar products. You could try it for yourself but with my experience it didn't really do much. It was more mental than anything else.


I would like to address the fact that your bench is almost the same as your squat and deadlift yet you're doing a bench specialization program?


Maybe you should spend your money on Power Drive or something instead of the Alpha Male while your body is a testosterone making machine.


Yea, I'm gonna second that. Your squat and deadlift are big weakpoints, it seems strange that you'd want to bench specialise at this point.


sorry buy Im going to have to question you on this.. . why are you doing a bench press specific routine when your numbers show that your deadlift and squat need more focus?


shit sorry.. . I didnt read this before I posted.. . so Ive just inadvertantly echo'd your sentiments slim. ..


yes i know that my numbers are imbalenced.
I should say that my deadlift is really 365 with trap bar, and 315 is my 5 rep max for squat.

So is it safe to expect noticable muscle gains while on Alpha Male?


Just out of curiosity, what's your best supinated grip row or weighted pullup?


I'm 19,

Currently taking a low grade tribulus stack. It's no Alpha Male but damn its better than nothing. It's awesome! I feel on a workout day what I used to feel like on the off days.

And yeah, it is more mental. It keeps me sharper and more focused, than usual. Strength and endurance went up a bit but not really significant.


You might get a boost if your test is lower than it could be. Indirectly, this could help you gain muscle. Otherwise, not really.


Echo what everyone else said about his bloated bench numbers and pathetic squat numbers, considering he benches 295.

This kid is setting himself up for serious imbalances and future shoulder issues.

Kid take a look in the mirror, with your arms relaxed by your side. See how the tops of your hands face forward? Guess what? thats not good. Means u been doing to many pressing movements relative to pulling movements.

You dont need Alpha Male at 18.


What brand of tribulus are u using?