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Experiences with 50-100 Reps Assistance?

Strongly considering doing the 50-100 reps for assistance. Just wondering what how people have run this type of assistance program and how it has worked for them.


Do you mean like choosing which to do? Or when to do it in the workout? Or how you structure your sets/reps?

The answers to all these could stretch out over a pretty broad spectrum.

Clarify, please.

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I was just wondering if people recommended this type of assistance it looks very appealing. Does it have to be run with a supplemental lift?

Jim Wendler recommends it

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I’ve done it with assistance.
Not supplemental.
I still do it almost every time I , lift.
50-100 back ( rows, lat pull down, pull up etc… , I trap, shoulders raises,
50+ triceps , push downs or similar movements
25-50 curls.
I do my main movement, then supplemental , then above assistance as a circuit. It’s an easy way to get some volume, that’s very recoverable, I don’t pay much attention to how much weight is used, just enough to feel it’s something


My first run with 531 I skimped out on a lot of this and bored the shit out of myself. Recently ive gotten back into it, and actually committed to the 100 reps and it makes it a looooot more fun. It’s a good challenge on some lifts.

I personally like to do bodyweight as assistance, or some type of “yoke” work like semi upright T bar rows. My favorite assistance choices: pull ups, dips, inverted bodyweight rows, push ups, goblet squats, straight leg DB deadlifts, hanging leg raises, and any type of yoke assistance. I always do them as supersets between my main lift, usually picking two of them for a given workout.