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Experiences w/ Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size Program?

This is not necessarily directed to CT but if he wants to chime in his knowledge is always welcome. For anyone that has completed this routine do they have any suggestions over things that they would alter if they were to complete again? I have read past reviews with nothing more recent than 2019 and there were a couple suggestions in those posts. Any of the program vets I’d love to hear your thoughts, results, or possible suggestions. Thank you!

@Frank_C maybe

It’s tough to say… My results were mostly lower body which could just be me. If I were to run it today then I’d drop one leg exercise and add some less demanding upper body work like lateral raises or flys. My priority is upper body mass so I’m training heavy on that side of things and light on legs.

The program is pretty demanding so it’s hard to make adjustments without butchering it. Like CT said, it’s only 12 weeks. You’ll have plenty of time to focus on specific areas afterwards.

To anyone looking to try it, I suggest running it as written. On the upper body day, you get to pick one extra/assistance/supplemental exercise. I did reverse cable flys due to my paranoia about needing more pulling than pushing to stay balanced (I’ve defeated that now). You should pick your upper body priority and hit that with some extra volume for that lift.

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I appreciate it, thank you! I read some of your previous posts which made me want to give it a go. I need something to put my head down and follow for a few months!


I forgot to mention that I’ve also used this as a sort of specialization program. I ran the SGSS protocol for deadlift only and it worked. I set my non-deadlift bar PR by doing this twice in a row. If you’ve ever touched a deadlift bar then you’ll understand the difference.