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Experiences w/ Phera Mass?


Anyone know anything about this Phera Mass stuff from kilosports? Experiences while on it? Recommended more for mass training? Or for high rep workouts? It looks like it might be a kind of steroid, but it can't be if it's legal right? I mean they have it on bodybuilding.com

If you guys can tell me anything about it that would be great. I'm gonna start power lifting in april, so i'm trying to look into some serious supplements.


Oh geez.

puts on flame retardant suit and awaits the coming of the inferno


If its not purchased illegally, and you have to ask, its probably crap.


yeah it's available on bodybuilding.com
it's some kind of compound called 17a-Methyl-Etioallocholan-2-Ene-17b-Ol. I don't think it's your everyday supp like NO Xplode, which i'm currently taking. You could be right, it could be crap. But again, if anyone can tell me anything at all about it, that would be great.


NO Ass-Xplode...


You are 146 pounds at close to 6 feet tall, you have bigger issues to deal with. You have no need to be messing with pro-hormones and you need to get that NO explode thing worked out.

What you need is a better diet and lifting plan, not a steroid plan.


Sounds like Pheraplex to me. It is a steroid. Do another search for the more common name and see what people have to say. Also read the PH sticky.

Based on your avatar, don't take steroids yet.


Thanks guys. I've been lifting really hard lately. And taking no xplode, whey, and a multi-vitamin. But It's really hard for me to gain. I know I should probably be eating more but I'm really busy these days and just can't eat as much as I would like to.


If you don't eat enough you won't grow, whether using a pro-hormone or not.

Get your diet down and you'll gain more muscle than with a shitty diet and using a pro-hormone.

And do yourself a favor and drop the no-explode. Go drink some coffee and a protein shake before you lift. It will do more for you and cost you less. Better yet, drop the coffee and drink a Spike Shooter.


It's only hard for you to gain because you make it hard to gain. Learn how to eat or find a new hobby.



for the record...NO Xplode is awesome! it's like 40 bucks for a 2 months supply. I love it.

K no longer hijacking


Oh man, 146 at 6 foot. Boy, you better starting eating and put that Ass-XPlode whatchama callit down. The only thing that will put hair on your balls that is given over the counter at any vitamin shoppe with a "hardcore" section that is under lock and key, IMO, is M-drol by cutting edge.

Everything else is precursor to a precursor, from an extract thats a precursor to some sort of androgen. 2 months supply waylandah?! what are you taking half scoops? n a n o vapor is where its at personally regarding preworkout supps. Stack it with a Rockstar blue and your ready for war.


Yeah I was just thinking the other day that I could probably take caffeine pills and creatine before a workout, and feel just the same as with NO Xplode. Or just drink coffee, that's another option.

And to Bonez217, I understand that I don't have a good diet. I already know that. I don't need the attitude. I'm just asking for help.

I'm trying to find ways to get more calories. I'm eating promax bars during the day. But I'm a college student who's out of the house for 10-12 hours every day, and I don't have much money. So I can't exactly be eating like 3 steak dinners a day, or anything like that. But I'm trying to find ways to gain.


Oh dude I took Vapor for a couple months and did not like it. But a rockstar before a workout might not be a bad idea.


Didn't like it?! Whats not to like about 300mg of caffeine anhydrous and a proprietary list of ingredients that needs a small book to list them all.


Avoid carbonated energy drinks pre workout. I'm an undergrad student and am in the same situation as you. If I where in you I'd avoid taking any steroids, pro-steroids and/or pro-hormones.

It's not only a matter of age, it's a matter of getting your shit sorted out first. I mean what's the point of juicing if you don't even have a 'decent' diet? Some tips:

  1. Avoid protein bars. Most of em are just bullshit in disguise. Protein from gelatin ain't protein.

  2. Eat whatever protein your money can buy, but preferably one which has a mixture of whey protein composate, concentrate and caseinate.

  3. When you're at school and going to buy some food look for rice, chicken in a bun etc...some saturated fats are not going to kill you.

  4. McDonalds-if it got chicken its good for you especially at that bodyweight.

  5. Tupperware is your friend. Prepare some food at home. Some fried food is ok for ya and is beneficial, but eating too much will make you feel like shit. Plain rolled oats, chicken, protein powder, cottage cheese, milk, whole eggs (2 whole eggs a day are ok, the rest only whites)...search a bit in the beginner section.

  6. I'm more into weightlifting numbers then looking good in the mirror. I tried to give ya a couple of tips but am not a nutritionist of any sorts. If I where you I's stop reading the steroids forum and hover over the beginner forums, like I am doing.

  7. Find an online calorie counter and check out how much calories you need to get in every day. You seem like an ectomorph from your avatar. Which means you are naturally lean, which means you have to eat. I found that 40% carbs, 40% protein, 20% fat work best for me. But Im an endo-meso. Try to up the ratio of carbs.

  8. Bulking doesn't mean eat shit, but again, some dirty cals as I call them are beneficial in a small amount.

  9. Ah and forget those abs. Bulking means sacrificing some definition. There's no lean bulk, unless you have out of this world genetics.

  10. The above seems overly complicated. It isn't, just do this calorie excercise once and you have it for the rest of a very very very long time.

  11. Steroids won't make you huge. They're not miracle pills. Get your shit sorted out first, train naturally before you hit the natural ceiling and then do what you gotta do.

Just trying to help. Good luck.


Thanks bicep_craze. I appreciate the tips. I'll definitely keep some of those things in mind. I'm eating promax bars. They seem pretty cool because they taste great, and have 20 grams of protein. And I'm taking the optimum protein powder, strawberry banana, it tastes terrible. I try to take some 2-3 times a day.


Lol growing boy, I got the "supersized" container. Ok it was actually like 50 bucks. But I used 2-3 scoops everyworkout and got nearly 2 months out of it.


thats the one that says 'do not shake or contents will explode' on the label.

I shook it one day in my store and my friend thought it would blow up and wouldn't come near it...so I kept shaking it and just as I thought it would explode I threw it at him.

It never exploded...its worthless.

:stuck_out_tongue: LOL


-OP.... SQUATS + MILK not a smart ass comment but that will help you more than anything. Your never too busy to eat. I have a busy ass schedule and I can still get 5000 in a day which isn't enough for me to grow so I'm trying to figure out ways to get even more in. If I can get 5000 I bet you can get in at least 3000 which will probably make you grow lol

good luck tho man and stay with it...this sport takes a LOT OF TIME!


Gerdy!! You graze us with your presence. oh we of owners of higher than 10% BF. You gotta be careful with the Vapor, man. You don't mess with the vapor it says so on the container! Hey, I thought it rocked and I got it through at a "I know one of the employees" discounted price.

Back to the OP: my fighting words to you lad are to eat big, lift big, and ignore every other momo around you. Don't take the stuff until you have some experience behind the bar and you have done your research.

Always make educated decisions when it comes to the human body, or at least try to manipulate the facts and justify them in your mind. Capice? It will take time but if you stick to it the gains will come.