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Experiences w/ Frantz Poly Gear?

I know everybody who wears canvas swears by frantz’s gear. but has anybody had any experience with his poly stuff? im looking to make that jump into 2ply for a meet in oct and am not looking forward to shelling out $900+ for the gamut of metal gear, as good as its supposed to be. im just weighing my options and owuld like any negative or positive feedback

Thanks for the edit on the title. Maybe I’ll get some feedback =p

well if you dont want to spend alot of money for 2 ply, look into inzer, they are a little cheaper for poly gear and mot too bad for multiply. If I was you i would wait till next year to do a multy ply meet only becuase now you have a whole new obstacle to atack, and even though its only mid august, it might not be early enough

I use Frantz briefs and deadlift suit. The briefs are single ply in the front and double in the back, my deadlift suit is double ply. I really like the briefs and the deadlift suit, they are both hand-me-downs but work great, the briefs are a little loose but still work great. I definetly suggest those 2 piece of equipment from Frantz, of couse you arn’t going to be getting as much out of Frantz equipment as you would the Metal stuff, but for the cost I think the stuff is great

the briefs are the only ones I have used and there carry over is highly dependent on how tight They are.

I’m not a fan of Frantz briefs. I’ve trained in a few hand me downs and they were basically a step up from compression shorts. They’re better than nothing, but the pop and stopping power didn’t compare to even my single ply Metal gear.

There’s a pretty good chance that mine have been around since 1992, so, maybe they’ve changed the material since then…

thanks for the info guy. from what ive heard here and from the god himself, big wendler, im going to just shell out the cash for the metal 2ply and become a gearwhore.

Just to throw my 2 cents in. I started off in frantz 2-ply briefs and with a frantz 2-play suit. I somewhat agree with buckeye girl. You will not get much of any stopping power out of the frant 2-ply gear but you do get something out of it and if you want to go cheaper, I say go with the gear. Easy to learn and cheap. It worked well for me because I was just learning how to lift in gear. With all that said, I have moved onto a Frantz canvas suit. Between the frantz 2-ply and the canvas, I used a Metal Ace pro squatter.

My advice is if you have the money and have a little experience in gear or even have a lot of time to learn the gear, go with Metal. If you are new to gear, go with the metal pro suit/briefs. If you something more, then go with the viking. If you the best, go with the ACE. I was using frantz 2-ply briefs with my Frantz canvas but recently bought some ACE briefs. I haven’t used them together yet though but seen a lot of people get great results with them together.

Hope this helps…
Ken Stone

Thanks for more info Kstone. i ended up ordering the metal pro squatter, the pro viking briefs, and a bash pro bencher. im a little excited to get in them because my quad size way surpassed my hip size. so im excited and worried to see the carryover i get in it.

your gonna love the suit. Id say expect to get over 150 in carryover, I think ill get that in my single ply stuff! Metal gear is the best of the best poly gear.

Why not Titan Boss?

never really thought of that…whats the prices run like? i have a feeling that im going to use the gear, get comfortable in it, and then instantly wish i had spent more moolah. i feel like i always have buyers remorse when i invest in something particularly pricy.

You will be happy with your purchases. I have used the Metal Bash at my last two meets and love it. I just bought the ACE shirt though. Good luck!

i have a two week accum phase to finish before i even touch any of the gear. my impatience grows =/

How’s it going in the new gear?

I have two more weeks before im in the squat stuff but neing in a shirt for the first time went well. it was an eye openining experience and a shit ton of fun. i worked 335 within a board of my chest.