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Experiences Traveling to Bangkok?

Hey everyone! I might going to get thrown out for this but I have to ask your opinion. I am not asking any sources or brands but I am asking your own honest experience if you have any.

Many bodybuilders are reaching Thailand for cheap fun and I mean gear. I would love to express my deepest concerns about this tourism and say that this is not the way to educate yourself. However there are many and so many people had experience. Bad or good.
Shall we keep this topic ?

Big love

Do you mean actually traveling there to get gear or ordering from Thailand?

They’re traveling there for the ladyboys. The gear is just a nice bonus.


Hey brother, you owe me an email @iron_yuppie

What is the question here? Is there a question?

If your asking peoples input in traveling for gear related issues. My response is who the hell am I to tell a grown man where he can and can’t go for whatever reason.

I took a trip to south America once with the primary objective to vacation and secondary objective to blow some amazing coke when I was younger :man_shrugging: whatever floats people’s boats.

If I wasn’t married I’d probably visit the whores in the Netherlands.

Ahahahah appreciate your reply guys! I really meant about getting safe and legit experiences ! Ladiboys are your decision so as gear! :slight_smile: Let’s talk about gear! Any bad experiences ?

You haven’t lived until you’ve railed a lady boy in Thailand.

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Let’s chat I have few questions yes if you up for it!

There are only two ways to tell if it is LadyBoi or not. 1) Obvious GC- Genital Check, 2) Look at the hands- LadyBois middle finger sticks out further than pointer finger.

LOL GTFO here, we know your middle name is Peggy. Google pegging if you need to. I can not be held responsible for what you might see

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The good ones will fool you in a bikini.

Ladyboy rules 1) if they don’t tuck it you don’t fuck it.

Only On leg days… NEVER!

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I was replying to @iron_yuppie but you are welcome to email me. My info is in my bio

I’m scared to ask how you know this…

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Lol guys ! Ladiboys got your attention big time! No judgement ! Anyone of actually been in Thailand? Don’t think you have any idea lol

This one time when I was stationed at Camp Pen, we went down to San Diego. The only way I knew was the whisker burn I got. The nicest fake tits tho, I couldnt take my eyes off to notice the 5oclock shadow. Thank god for buddys


I bet I could choose atleast 5 maybe 6/10 ladybois. I’ve got an idea. Some of them are so purty tho.

Who TF needs to travel to Thailand for gear since the Interwebs have been invented? My Dr ships mine right to my door.

You seem to be pretty green about all this. Makes me worry you are not ready to use the gear if you had it.

Forget what I said before. You have to travel to Thailand for gear. Have a safe trip

What about Ladyboys? Anyway to get them shipped to the door?

Dr said to help boost Test levels, he is going to ship ladybois right to my front door. You dont argue with the Dr that also has your TrT.

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