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Experiences/Thoughts on Xyosted Auto Injector?

Has anyone here had any experience with this new option? I was talking to my Dr about sub q and he mentioned this new approach. I guess it’s recently approved and it’s a sub q auto injector that comes in three doses of 50 75 or 100mg. Looks like most insurance covers it as well. Just curious if anyone has heard anything.

You do not need an autoinjector, all you need an T-cyp and insulin syringes. These dosing option do not allow you to really optimise dosages, I can see it being hit or miss going from 50-75mg twice weekly when you actually need 65mg twice weekly.

You can not fine tune your treatment using an autoinjector. This is just an attempt at a cash grab for companies, the autoinjector is patented and so can make a bit more money than if you were to just use T-cyp and insulin syringes.


Exactly, for main stream medicine (include insurance carriers here) testosterone is dangerous and not necessary, however, if you get it from a fancy (and unnecessary) autoinjector, it’s OK.

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Just seems easier for people who do it that way. Definitely get the cash grab part . What I found odd was that it comes with all sorts of warnings of increased bp and I wondered why that was? Regular T lists it as a possible side effect but it’s not the main warning.

There should be warnings about the doctors in managed healthcare about poor management of patients on TRT.

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