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Experiences on Two-a-Days


In preparation for two-a-days for football I have decided to work-out twice a day and was wondering if anyone has done this in the past, and what their experiences were.


I did the Growth Surge (twice a day workout) and that was awesome. Exhausting but awesome.

Are you going to follow that?



I havn't decided yet. I may have my morning workout be agility, quickness, and footwork training. My evening workout will consist of weightlifting emphasizing squats, deadlifts, powercleans, snatches, and jerk press.


Ditto, the Growth Surge rocked, gained 9 lbs in 6 weeks or so.

Just don't plan on doing much of anything else... Choose your exercises wisely, monitor how your body is reponding carefully (read: careful of overtraining) and cycle your plan appropriately. I.e. two weeks of 2 a days with 1 week of 1 a day etc.


Im a little unsure about your question. Do you just want to be in shape for 2 a days? If so, then there is no need to break up your weight and running sessions into two totally different ones. You can lift and then do sprints and plyos afterwards. you can split them up, there is no problem with that, if you have the time to do it. It might actually be beneficial in terms of recovery and gains.

However, 2 a days whoudnt be totally grueling in a physical sense (ie. hours of sprints and plyos and weights). 2 a days are meant to cram a lot of "game" work into a short time. Your conditioning shoul dbe taken care of before 2 a days ever starts. A good program goes into 2 a days just needing to fine tune things, not get in shape, work on technique, and put in an offense and defense.

In terms of what kind of lifting routine to do, I would recommend olypmic lifts, deadlift, squat, bench, dips, pullups, and neck exercises. plenty of plyos and sptinting should be used too. It is good to have a good endurance base (nothing over 1 mile really needed) and work on sprints from 10 to 100 yards. Short sprints with short rest periods is the name of the game.

Dan John is a good source. Hope this helps.


You only have about 5 weeks left. Better get started.