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Experiences Having Pitbulls?

well i’ve been offered a purebred pitbull for 50 bucks…she/he is only a month old(i can pick between the male or female)…and ive noticed that alot of ppl here seem to have one…

just wondering about experiences…how big they get…

everyone says how aggressive/mean they seem to be…what do you all think?

the lady that offered me one insists they are sweethearts…and i tend to believe her…but so much negativity in the media and such

anyway just wondering…its a hell of a deal that i might not be able to pass up

just to add…i believe its the american pitbull terrier…if im not mistaken

I had a pit/beagle for many years. He was one of the best dogs that ever lived with my family. He was great with our kids and kept a burglar from cleaning us out while we were away. A great dog.

They are perfectly nice dogs if you raise them right. Anyway, in most cases their aggression is primarily toward other dogs rather than humans, but even that behavior can be offset with a little socialization. I went to the pound a while back and there were a lot of pits sharing kennels with other dogs, and most of then were pretty chill.

yeah im pumped to go into work tomorrow and see the pictures of her puppies…

I have a Lab Pit mix She is great . You can see her smile when the grandkids come around. She is a good watch dog . She trys very hard to please.


[quote]pittbulll wrote:
I have a Lab Pit mix She is great . You can see her smile when the grandkids come around. She is a good watch dog . She trys very hard to please.[/quote]

pit bulls really do get a bad rap. just like any other breed (or animal, for that matter), if they are treated or trained in a way to make them violent, they will act in that manner. they really do have a very sweet,playful, and loyal disposition if they are treated right.

the difference between a pit bull and most other breeds being trained to be hostile is that pit bulls have the attributes to be very effective fighters/attack dogs, such as an extremely thick and powerful neck and very strong jaws. the jaws are so powerful that many times you have to kill the pit bull to pry apart the jaws after they have clamped onto a victim.

because of this, when they do attack, they do a lot of damage, and so then the media makes the logical fallacy (surprise surprise) that this breed must have a vicious and uncontrollable personality. that’s a load of bs.

even though you will get a great animal in that pit, you will unfortunately have to deal with a lot of ignorant people who will look down on you for having one. oh well, fuck 'em.

Socialize, socialize, socialize. I have 3 pitties. Get him/her used to other dogs very early.

Pit bulls are often great, loving dogs. I would have one myself if my current dog was higher energy to keep up with it. (He’s an old guy now, and he doesn’t need the fuss)

Just socialize and dicipline and you should be fine… you’re not getting it yet, though, are you? She shouldn’t be taking them from their mom at 1 month old.

ditto to evrything that was already said but most puppies should stay with their mother for 8 weeks this lady doen’t sound like a reputable breeder.

My neighbors have 2 pitbulls. They also have a bunch of little kids running around, and a very small puppy (not a pit). None of these kids have been mauled so obviously the pitbulls are good dogs. I think I’ll get one some day.

We had a pit for almost 7 years, until he was killed in a hit and run right before Christmas, while I was deployed. He was the best dog I have ever owned, and would like to get another, but my wife is against it because of how much she misses Elwood(the pit). She is still at the point that if she sees a picture that resembles him, she gets teary-eyed.

As far as the breed, socialize the dog early and often. We took him out with us as often as possible to be around as many different people as possible, and also took him around other animals. He grew up from puppyhood with another dog(mutt) and a couple different cats at different times. As far as aggression and being dangerous, we have pictures of Elwood sleeping with two different cats, one of which used to clean his ears and chase him around the house when they were playing(if you haven’t seen a 65lb pit being chased around the house by a 12lb cat, your really missing out). He played well with the cats, but not as well with the ferrets we had for a while. He was very gentle with the cats when they were kittens, and then was only as rough as they could stand(he didn’t do that with the ferrets for some reason). He was very protective of my family, but not to the point of being a problem. My wife actually said after he died that she didn’t feel as safe when I wasn’t home…and that’s with two loaded guns in the house which she is well-trained with(Blackwater 3-day pistol graduate).

You will always have to deal with negative media representations, as well as possible problems with local authorities. In Peru, IN, where some of my extended family lives, if the police find an unattended pitbull outdoors(whether tied out or not), they can legally shoot the dog on sight.

Long story short, pitbulls are stubborn dogs, but if you socialize and train them properly, you won’t find a better and more loyal dog. They are usually very people friendly, and because of this aren’t the best watchdogs. Because of their reputation, you will be accepting more responsibility than your typical Lab or whatever, also due to their heightened ability to inflict damage should something happen.

As far as pits with children, Elwood was there for the birth of both of my children, and I never feared for a second that he would ‘turn’ on myself or the kids. In fact, he responded to them in true pack mentality, taking on some of the protective responsibilities for them himself. He proved that one night when I was out of town for training, and my wife had a friend and her fiancee over. The two women were playing roughly with my daughter(they were shoving my daughter back forth), which Elwood was cool with, but when the guy(who Elwood didn’t know very well) reached in to join the game, Elwood came up instantly, and the guy felt teeth barely scrape his hand as he drew back. Elwood then stood ready before him, hackles up(which is funny to see, since pits only have a thin line that runs the length of their back), and every muscle tensed to go. My wife told him to lie down it was okay, and he obeyed, but he watched that dude like a hawk for the rest of the night.

RIP Elwood. I miss you, bud.