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Experiences Cutting with Anavar?

Hi guys been a while. Was curious what everyone’s experience with anavar was. I was going to run some while cutting and curious if it is worth it. Also what dosages would be recommended. Thanks!

So no advice then. Sweet😞

I ran it for 7 weeks at 50mg/day with 325 mg test e which I had been running for 6 weeks already. I wasn’t that impressed with it, but I did see prs on squat and bench that were fairly significant roughly 20 lbs on squat to 510, and 30 lbs on bench to 365. And that was after getting damn sick the week of my meet. So it seemed good for strength. I did loose a bit of weight I believe mostly because of being sick. These results could be attributed to the test or the training too. Hard to quantify. I was expecting more if I’m being honest, and wasn’t really sure if it was real.

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Var works for me at 60mg/day. I find 40 a bit underwhelming and when I did 80 the pumps/cramps were unpleasant. It definitely increases strength and vascularity. It’s also good in a cut but I find if my diet is off it’s not that effective. 60mg/day combined with test, hard training and good diet should give you good results. I’ve always used test with it between 250 and 375/week and have never used it longer than 6 weeks.


Thank you guys! My tabs are 50mg so maybe I’ll just start there and see how it goes. One more question. Do you just take in every morning?

Before bat AIDS ruined our normal lives, I was blasting with primo and var. Only made it the first four weeks and then everything shut down. But in those four weeks the var was noticeable. I looked leaner even though my weight didn’t change much. I was measurably stronger by week three—not by a lot, but enough to know it was from the var—than I had been in years. I can’t say enough good things about anavar. It really is the best thing out there as far as side effects to gains. I imagine if someone is cutting (not for competition but just for personal goals) it’s genuinely the best choice available when you factor in how it makes you look and, more importantly, how it doesn’t make you feel. It doesn’t induce misery like so many other things.


Awesome insight @iron_yuppie . I think I read you talking about how much you liked it in the past which pushed me to want to give it a run. Seems minimal liver toxicity, minimal sides. And helps maintain mass and like you said makes you look a little leaner and dryer. How did you split up your dosage @iron_yuppie also what dosage were you running

I was taking 50mg and didn’t split it since the caps were at 50. Half life is ~9hrs (this is from memory, so I could be wrong) so I didn’t see much need to split.

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