Experiences Cutting on Tren Ace?

I am going to be introducing tren ace in to my cutting cycle doses at 25mg e/d to asses my tolerance for 4 weeks towards the end of my cycle.

My cycle
week 1-5 test prop 100mg eod
week 1-14 test e 350mg a week (will lower down to 175mg p/week when start tren ace)
week 7-14 anavar 100mg e/d
week 9-13 tren ace 25mg e/d
armidex 0.5mg eod
caber 0.5mg twice a week, weeks 9-13

Was just wondering if anyone had run a similar cycle and what are the results?
In the weeks of tren use am i likely to add lean muscle while losing bodyfat on a large calorie deficit, has any one experienced this?

I am 22 yrs old, 176 lbs, 5 foot 10, around 13 to 15 % bf, 2.5 years training.

I would up that tren to 50mg ED at least

I know people have said to me I will be fine on a higher dose but I feel more comfortable using 25mg ed for my first run to see how I react. Thanks for the input tho, will do that on next bulking cycle if everything goes fine this time.
Any stories of there tren experiences while cutting and gaining muscle?
Also how have peoples recovery been while doing short bursts of low dose tren ace?

I hear ya with the low dose. I haven’t used tren A but I have ran tren E.

What kind of results/sides did you experience with that? How was recovery afterwards, ive heard that E will shut you down for longer, or is that just because you will need to cycle longer with it?

Tren is fucking awesome…I personally dont have any sides really…just overheating mostly…and sweating whenever I sleep… wake up and pillow is soaked in sweat…in the beginning I had tren insomnia, but that went away…

watch your aggression…

I found lower sides pinning Tren ace ED than Tren E…

I have never done a cycle but from what I’ve gathered so far, the minimum recommended dose to experience a discernable effect (by Bill Roberts) is 35g/day. He states that this dose is reserved for those who do not tolerate Tren very well. So it might be worth considering upping your dose to that level so that you can truly experience the effects of Tren. As I said, I don’t have any first hand experience with any of this stuff but maybe someone who does could give some insight as to whether this is a valid statement or if a lower dose such as the one you suggest is worth trying. I hope everything goes well on your cycle

PS: If it’s not too much trouble, could you explain the logic behind it? So far all the cycles I’ve focused my research on are relatively simple so it would be great to understand the logic that goes behind planning a more complex cycle. Thanks!

Thanks for the replies guys appreciate it. Yeh i think i will love tren too, i have heard so many good points to it that its just sounds unreal. I have witnessed it first hand recently as well with my training partner trying tren ace towards the end of his test cycle. He has gone up 7lbs in 3 weeks and his vascularity and straitions are awsome from this stuff, i think he has lost bosy fat aswell with no change in diet and no cardio.

To reply to you eaboadar my reasoning behind the low dose is simply to trail the compound to see if my body reacts well to it or not. I have added it towards the end of my cycle as my body fat will be lower towards the end so i will see more benifit of the compound ( at least this is what i think lol) I have added the anavar for the last half of the cycle for the same reason as i am cutting.
Has any one had experience of gaining muscle while cutting with low calories on tren, prosuming diet and training are in check.

I think tren is amazing. It’s definitely a love hate relationship. My experiences were great, strength was through the roof, put on muscle mass while shredding bf, huge increase in libido but it does have its drawbacks. I would get irrated very easily, I would find myself getting angry over shit that normally wouldn’t bother me and wouldn’t let it go.

I cannot lose weight on tren. I’ve tried. Twice. NOt eating more than 2500 calories a day, lots of cardio. I still put on at least 8 pounds. Stuff is ridiculous. If it didn’t give me nasty acne, I’d run it constantly.