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Experiences Clearing Up Postinfectious Cough?

So i came down with a nasty sickness last week that left me barely able to move for a day, and like crap for a few other days. Doc said it was a respiratory infection. I have a pl meet this sat, and while the meds have helped me feel better now, Im still dry coughin like every minute or so, which in itself is a little exhausting. i squatted super light and did a few light sled drags yesterday and was definitely coughing a lot as a result of that. Is there anything one can do to get rid of this before saturday? i dont think it will affect me a ton besides mentally, but it is kind of a burden and exhausting to be constantly coughing. Thanks for any help.

Often the constant cough is caused by postnasal drip. Drink a lot of fluids to thin out your mucus and maybe take Mucinex or the generic version of it if that is the case.

In my experience, I have always been a lot weaker after having an illness like that, even if I felt like I was at near full strength. My body just didn’t let me perform max efforts. You may be different though.