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Experiences-Carbolin 19 While Cutting?


Anyone tried Carbolin 19 while cutting? Has it helped preserve LBM or quicken fat loss??


Haven't used it while cutting, but I've noticed that it's kept my body fat down while bulking. I am usually very quick to put on fat when I go up in calories, but this has been more effective to me than HOT-ROX.

My bodyfat while bulking with Carbolin 19 is lower than it was when I was cutting with HOT-ROX. Don't ask me why.


good question, just ordered some? anyone else?


I also noticed I didn't gain as much fat on my bulk, actually from the time I started taking it I'd say my fat level stayed the same.

I've only been cutting now for just under a week so it'll be a while before I can say how well it works to preserve muscle - but I'm sure it's gonna do a good job.


Ive bene cutting and just finished my 2 bottles of Carbolin 19.

My weight fluctuated. I lost 9 lsb then gained 3 towards the end.

Now my pants are looser, i have a ton of energy and i noticed a size/definition change for the better. I wondered if Carbolin 19 makes you retain some extra water weight. So its conceivable i lost weight and gained some muscle mass.

After my experience i think its a great supliment for buling or transitioning into or out of a cut phase.

For a pure cut Id still recommend HOT-ROX. Im going to wait a week or 2 off Carbolin 19 and take HOT-ROX and see... I have about 40-50 lbs to loose before I can honestly say I am ready to bulk.

I also just started taking Flameout....I feel better, mood is better, energy better, skin better, recovery better :slightly_smiling:


I've been on Carbolin 19 19 for over 2 months now and this stuff is great! My strength has gone up, and my bodyfat has gone down at the same time. Although the method in which it works is different from HOT-ROX, I think that it also works to decrease bodyfat. I was somewhat skeptical before buying it, but now in my 3rd month of use, I'm a believer in Carbolin 19.