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Experienced with Online Drs and Pharmacies?

Does anyone have experience with the online clinics. The one im in contact with says it’s roughly 500 ever 3 months. Any reason to stay away from them. Fake meds? Contaminates? Unexpectedly closing up shop and leaving patients stranded?

Which one is it?

Nexel medical. Wasnt sure if we could mention names.

What does 167 a month get you?
6month blood tests?
doctor consults min 2 a year
Drugs; T, AI, HCG?

I pay 126 a months now it was more the first years while I got my protocol tuned in.

Who are you working with, if I may ask?

2 grand a year sounds like a lot,

They said 3 months of t and hcg and needles shipped to you. They didnt specify how often your are tested. I have good insurance and could go get bloodwork pretty much any time i want. Prob just a trip to the urgent care to have an order printed out.

Im going to my Dr tomorrow maybe things will work out good and this won’t even be an issue. Havent seen my usual Dr since this whole low t issue came up. A coworker gave me gel at my request then i decided there were too many downfalls so i asked to switch but he wanted me to finish that script and come in. I’m gonna tell him if he isnt comfortable with me being around at least 700 as long as everything is good then I will pursue the online route. I spoke to him on the phone for a few minutes and he said something about 500. But he used to do mens health but now works at this urgent care. He has been pretty good about letting me decide what i want to take and dosages and stuff.

How about defy? Are they strictly online or do you need to make an appearance in FL for the initial appointment?

It’s all online (all states with the exception of Idaho). You need to have a physician sign off on your physical, though.