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Experienced Steroid User Having Issues with Injection

I’ve been taking steroids for over 3 years now I’ve taken test, deca, tren, blah blah, u name it I’ve probably tried it. But it seems 80% of the gear I get off the streets (not from a doctor) gives me a reaction that I can only think is cellulitis. After I pin about 3 hours later I start feeling flu like symptoms, and that continues on and off for a few days (I usually combat it with ibuprofen) them it will swell a little, be tender to the touch and get red. Everything I’ve ever gotten from a doctor hasn’t given me a problem at all on the flip side almost everything I’ve gotten on the streets has done this. And I’ve gotten gear from probably 10+ different sources. WTF man. HELP I’m not really in any wory that something serious is going to come of it but it’s iritating as hell to feel sick all the time when I’m blasting

My guess would be whoever is cooking your street source isn’t strictly following the sterile field protocols. And since you are injecting this into your body (and having a reaction from it) that is definitely something I would be worried about.

Aside from that I don’t really have a solution for you, aside from ‘stop doing that’.

Patient: Doc, it hurts when I move my arm like this.
Doctor: Then don’t move your arm like that.

That’s why I home brew, you have control over the solvents, and oils, and sterility comes from filtering the ingrediants into the vial. I don’t think sterility of UGL products is the problem, more likely the solvents, many people don’t like BA content of more than 2%, or don’t react well to Ethyl Oleate. Neither of these substances are necessary to put steroid powder into solution, unless you are using high mg/ml test, eg 400mg/ml or higher.
Stick with products that don’t use EO. Some UGL don’t give you a breakdown of ingrediants and proportions, so avoid testosterone over 250mg/ml.

I would expect that you are mildly allergic to GSO (grape seed oil - the most commonly utilised carrier oil).

I use GSO in my homebrews but several acquaintances have issues with GSO.

I think you hit the nail on the head I think I’m allergic to GSO thats my best guess aswell but I don’t know where to find gear that doesn’t use it since theres not exactly a ingredients label on this kinda thing

Sounds like homebrewing would be a good thing for you. Its not hard to do. A little research on the internet will give you a good idea of what to do and what stuff you need. You have control over oils etc, so you can use the elimination method, try a different oil and see if you still get issues. Brewing is so much cheaper than buying finished products direct from dealers.

These days you can buy ‘pre-brewed’ oils from some AAS powder dealers. All you need to do is filter it.