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Experienced Shirted Benchers (USAPL)


Thinking about switching from a super katana to an f6. The groove of the katana is killer for me, and with the way I am built it is very hard to touch legally. Wondering what your experiences are with both shirts, and how the groove compares, the stopping power and carryover. I know the super is the superior shirt, but some of the biggest benches have been hit in an f6, and there is no reason to count it out. Thanks for your time.


I've used both (although, I've been in the katana more than in an F6, and I haven't been in the F6 for a long time, but...)

In my experience, the katana worked MUCH better for me and I simply didn't get back in the f6 for this exact reason.

I've got short arms and a big arch.. IIRC, you're a tall guy who's had issues benching in the past, yes?

I think if you can get into an F6 and learn it (just like any other shirt), you'd probably be able to make it work for you. Like you said, there's no reason to count it out.

IMO, the biggest difference between the shirts is where you need to touch. In the F6, the touch point will be higher than in the katana... and since you're in USAPL, this'll likely be better for you.

Also, the katana had more stopping power, IME.


What about a regular Katana? I have one and I don't have any issues touching legally in the USAPL. I haven't ever tried the Super Katana, but I understand you generally have to touch lower with it. I tried and F6 long ago and didn't much care for it -- I stuck with my Fury until the Katana came out.


Thanks for the tips, and yes I have. I did spend enough time in a regular katana to know the groove/touch point difference. My arch is not anything to right home about, and my shirts seem to just be too tight. I will most likely be getting a new katana and f6 that will fit me correctly to see which I like. Ive lifted in a fury recently, and I loved it. the touch is very easy and I still got good carryover. I have a meet in 2 weeks, the shirt I have now will not be used after I am predicting. Still growing and even after stretching the shit out of it, its hard to touch. thanks again for the help.


You might try to get a shirt with a little bit of a looser chest panel, but tight sleeves. I find I can touch more easily if the chest panel is a bit looser, but the tight sleeves help give some good carryover through the lockout.


That is a great Idea, that seems to be the issue. I know from speaking with my training partner that the katana stretches in the sleeves, not in the chest, which is a big reason why (I think( it is tough for me to touch... thanks for the idea. about how much bigger would u recommend? 1 size?


That's tough to say as it depends a bit on how you're built, mainly chest size compared to arms. If you haven't already, I'd try working with one of the titan dealers to see what they'd suggest. I've always had the best luck with custom shirts. They're a bit more expensive, but you get one set of alterations free, which I used for when they'd stretch. Going custom was worth it for me given my particular build (large arms relative to my chest measurement).


Depends on your body type. A long-armed lifter often does better with the F-6 style shirt. That would include me. I have a very difficult time touching in a Super Katana. Now that you can get an F-6 with a scoop neck and with (or without) the Katana material the choice is yours. As others have correctly stated, the Katana works better for the majority of benchers. Good luck.


I've never ran a Katana but some folks here recommended I go with the super F6 and after speaking with Ken Anderson he recommended the same. I'm pretty happy with the F6, and actually because of how tight the darn thing was, I thought I was going to have problems touching but I did not. I just used triples on a single breath and I was able to sink 315 without any problems.

I'd give Ken Anderson a call, tell him what your concerns are and take it from there. What surprised the shit out of me is that Anderson actually accepts returns, given you don't destroy the shirt--If you sweat the damn thing up, he will charge you to launder it. Makes it pretty nice if he recommends Shirt_X and you try it and it isn't what you're looking for, you can return it and try Shirt_Z.



You could try a super-cut F6

It's an f6 but has the scooped chest plate like the super katana.


That seems to be the right idea, you are not the only one suggesting that. Have you used a super f6? and do you know if it is IPF legal?


Yeah. When I mentioned before that I had used an F6, I meant a super-cut F6.

I have no idea if it's IPF legal. Call Ken and he'll be able to tell you, though.