Experienced Lifter, Just Need Guidance on Building a Plan

I am sure that I am the very first person that asked this (yea right lol). I’ve searched for an article but couldn’t find anything on making the workouts for only barbell equipment. I’m not a novice when it comes to barbell movements by no means. I have 550lbs in plates, barbells, bench press, squat stands, deadlift platform, and pull up bar. No dumbells, or machines. I do Have bands for assistance with pull ups when I need them. I use to follow a power lifting program about 2 years ago. Had good luck with it and got bigger and stronger just did not look like I wanted too. Had/have smaller gut and not at all happy with it then or now. I am Wanting the more chizzeld look with strength. I am a police officer so I need to be able to have the capability to shove someone’s head up there ass if I need to lol (joke). I Ended up selling my house and had to put all my stuff in storage. I liked the power lifting but I would like to loose more BF. I’m 6ft 215lbs. I Don’t want to compete in shows or anything. I just want to look better and feel better. I have since built a new house and have all my stuff back and I’m trying to figure out what would work best for what I want. Like I said, I only have barbell stuff so if you were to program a week workout plan for me, how would you program the lifts and reps with what I have? Also, need some focus on bigger arms and yoke. When I was powerlifting, I gained the bigger neck and chest but always seemed like my arms lacked the growth. I would like to stay around 210-215 but more cut. Thanks!

You have absolutely everything you need to run almost 100% of the 5/3/1 programs that exist. I’d pick the one you like the most and run it hard.

I was doing Texas method 5x5. Had a good friend that done 5/3/1. He seemed to liked it pretty well. Said he wasn’t sore all the time like I was lol. Probably due to over training. That was when I was 23-25. Hanging it up for 2 years then starting 5x5 again would probably kill me! Lol but yea I never looked into 5/3/1. I think I remembered my friend talking about only moving up in weight once every 3-4 weeks? I’ll read up on it. Thanks a bunch!